Health Care

Health Care

Hospitals replacing baby blankets

Soft blankets might sound nice to keep newborn babies warm and cozy, but local hospitals say baby blankets have to go for safety's sake.

Woman hopes for bone marrow donor

ST. JOSEPH — If ever a mother hoped for anything, Chris Wulff hopes for this:

Someone who could be the right bone marrow donor for her only child, 32-year-old Sarah Parker — and is willing to help her.

Diagnosed last October with leukemia, Parker, of St. Joseph, is also the mother of three young daughters.

Flu cases widespread in area

CHAMPAIGN — Consider washing your hands — a lot.

The flu and a few other illnesses that started picking up around the holidays are now widespread in the area, local doctors say.

This week patients have been coming to Carle's convenient care centers at a record pace, according to Dr. William Scott, head of Carle's occupational medicine and employee health.

Catlin grade-schooler diagnosed with pertussis

CATLIN — Catlin school officials are taking precautions over winter break after a grade-school student was diagnosed with pertussis, also known as whooping cough.

The case was confirmed Wednesday, said Karen Trimble, a registered nurse with the Vermilion County Health Department. She said it's the first and only confirmed case in the county in 2012.

Medicare cuts ahead for hospitals if fiscal cliff negotiations fail

CHAMPAIGN — Illinois hospitals are bracing for billions of dollars in Medicare cuts as the end of the year nears without a resolution of the nation's budget conundrum dubbed the "fiscal cliff."

New owners at Frances Nelson want to serve more patients

CHAMPAIGN — When David Cobbs was a teenager, Frances Nelson Health Center wasn't just his neighborhood clinic. It was the only place he and his low-income family could go to see a doctor.

Decades later, Cobbs said he was able to turn to Frances Nelson once again for dental care when he became unemployed and uninsured.

Flu shot rate varies among health staffs

URBANA — Nobody expects to go to the doctor or the hospital and catch the flu from a caregiver, but not all health care employees get flu shots.

New data released Friday for 32 Illinois hospitals showed the percentage of hospital employees vaccinated in October for the 2012-2013 flu season varied.

Flu cases starting to pick up

URBANA — Influenza is picking up in the area, a local hospital official says.

Carle has had 18 lab-confirmed influenza cases since Nov. 26, with 13 of them in the last week.

Few businesses join program on breast-feeding

CHAMPAIGN — A local public health program aimed at helping breast-feeding moms feel more comfortable at work and other public places is getting a less-than-enthusiastic response.

Mahomet children with whooping cough had been vaccinated; booster urged for adolescents

MAHOMET — All four children sickened last month by whooping cough in Mahomet had been vaccinated for the disease, a public health official said.