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Nursing home mold costs rise to $1.4 million

URBANA – Champaign County's mold abatement bill for the new Champaign County Nursing Home now stands at $1.4 million.

How that bill will ultimately affect the $20 million nursing home project isn't clear, but the project will be finished and should open in April, according to Champaign County Board Facilities Chairman Steve Beckett.

Hospitals oppose charity proposals

MOKENA – Provena Health says its hospitals in Urbana, Danville and four other cities would be saddled with a total $45 million in penalties if the state begins imposing new charity care requirements.

And that's money the six-hospital system can ill afford, said Lindsey Artola, Provena's assistant director of community and ministry advocacy.

Medical mystery, misery

URBANA – Without her daily injections, Cassandra Cook can barely survive.

She can't walk. She can't raise a cup to her mouth – or even pick up a spoon.

Doctors turn to iPods to provide medical information

URBANA – Don't you wish doctors would make up their minds?

First they tell you, don't stick anything in your ears. Now they're coming out with medical advice for you to listen to on your iPod.

Smoke-free initiatives are statewide movement

SPRINGFIELD – Kathy Drea's list keeps on growing.

Drea, director of public policy for the American Lung Association of Illinois, keeps a list of Illinois communities that are considering restricting or banning smoking in public places – or have passed restrictions. The list includes 40 cities, up five in the past week.

Researchers find ties between activity and health, happiness

Physical activity not only tends to make senior citizens more fit, but also might improve their quality of life, and on a long-term basis, University of Illinois researchers are finding.

"Their overall satisfaction with their lives appears to be greater if they're more physically active," UI kinesiology professor Edward McAuley said recently.

At 76, he's still a force to be reckoned with on court

CHAMPAIGN – It's a seasoned bunch, the group that gathers every other morning at IMPE for a few rounds of racquetball.

On courts that have seen better days, the mix of professionals and retirees go at it hard, whacking balls off the floor, walls and protective glass above.

Need cold relief? Have ID ready

Starting on Sunday, stuffed-up shoppers must go to a pharmacy counter, show a government-issued photo ID proving they are at least 18 and sign a log book before they can purchase many common cold medicines.

The restrictions are part of a new law designed to crack down on the illegal manufacture of methamphetamines, a growing problem in East Central Illinois and many other parts of the country.

Area nurse taking part in medical mission

DANVILLE – A Danville woman is collecting donations in order to take vitamins, medicine and dental supplies to some of the poorest people in the world.

Dena Sawka, a registered nurse, will take part in a Salvation Army-sponsored medical mission trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, from Feb. 4 to 11.

Study gives Illinois a passing grade of 'C'

URBANA – Illinois' emergency care system gets a passing grade, but it's nothing to write home to Mom about, according to a national study released this week.

Compiled by a task force of the American College of Emergency Physicians, the study assessed the state of emergency care in each state and gave Illinois a "C" grade – just marginally better than the nation's overall grade of "C-."