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All Kids measure headed to governor

Despite questions about how it would work, the Illinois House on Thursday approved the governor's plan to cover every uninsured child in the state.

The measure, HB 806, now heads to Gov. Rod Blagojevich's desk, where he promised to sign it into law.

House final hurdle for All Kids plan

SPRINGFIELD – Only one hurdle remained for the governor's proposal to cover every uninsured child in the state after it passed the Senate and won approval from a House committee on Wednesday.

The full House is expected to debate the All Kids plan as early as today.

Method aims to make tumor identification more precise

Mammogram results may signal the presence of breast cancer tumors, but doctors still have to sample and test actual tissue to be sure. The trick is to remove and check as little as possible of the right tissue.

Likewise, in performing surgery to remove tumors, doctors want to make certain they get all of the problem tissue and that can mean removing areas around the tumor, some of it good tissue, just to be sure.

New cold medicine restrictions proposed

SPRINGFIELD – Methamphetamine cooks would have trouble getting their hands on a key ingredient for making the drug, under legislation a House committee approved unanimously on Tuesday.

Law-abiding citizens would find it harder to get relief from their cold and allergy symptoms, but supporters said the tradeoff is worth it.

GOP: Health plan short on details

SPRINGFIELD – In a rare address to a joint session of the General Assembly, Gov. Rod Blagojevich called health care a fundamental right, and urged Republicans and Democrats alike to approve his plan to cover the estimated 253,000 uninsured children in Illinois.

"If we ignore this problem, what does it say about us," Blagojevich asked. "This is a matter of common sense and simple human decency."

Carle hospital expands charity program

URBANA – More patients will qualify for free or discounted care at Carle Foundation Hospital, starting today.

Under an expansion of the hospital's Community Care Discount Program, people earning as much as 400 percent of the federal poverty level are now eligible for a cap on their out-of-pocket hospital expenses.

Nursing home may be forced to borrow cash

URBANA – The Champaign County Nursing Home may have to borrow as much as $400,000 within the next year.

The good news is that the home can borrow the money at a favorable rate through a state program, said county Treasurer Dan Welch.

Group pushes for end to institutionalization of disabled, seniors

From the time she was 12 years old, Lois Curtis spent most of her teen and adult years in state-run institutions for people with disabilities.

After her repeated requests to live in the community were denied, she and another woman sued the state of Georgia in 1995. They won, the state appealed, and the case wound up in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Chamber of Commerce board opposes any city smoking bans

CHAMPAIGN – The Champaign County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has come out against a government-imposed smoking ban in city bars, restaurants and other businesses.

Meanwhile, Champaign Mayor Jerry Schweighart and council member Giraldo Rosales are floating different smoking regulation proposals among fellow council members – though when and if those proposals will come up for a city council vote remains to be seen.

Conference at UI highlights research on walking's benefits

Good news, iPod devotees: Research indicates that if you listen to music you like while you walk – you don't necessarily have to use an iPod to do it – you tend to ignore fatigue, walk longer and get more benefits out of it.

Those are results from one of the more than 100 studies outlined at a University of Illinois conference on walking and walking research, many of them looking at the health benefits of physical activity.