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State launches project for those eligible for Medicare and Medicaid

CHICAGO — If you think your health coverage gets complicated, imagine being in two different government health programs that don't work together.

There's the state's Medicaid program for the needy and the federal government's Medicare program for seniors and disabled adults, and no coordination for the so-called "dual-eligibles" qualified to enroll in both, state officials say.

Cancer society sets 37th Smokeout

URBANA — For Ed and Elizabeth Medaris, smoking two or three packs of cigarettes a day was draining more than the family budget.

Ed was starting to show signs of lung health issues, his wife says.

They got to thinking, if they quit, they'd be healthier — plus they could put all that cigarette money toward the new motorcycle they wanted.

Local book signing scheduled

Champaign author Leighann Calentine will be at Barnes & Noble in Champaign at 7 p.m. Wednesday to sign copies of her book "Kids First, Diabetes Second" in honor of World Diabetes Day.

Kirby marks its first year in its new location

MONTICELLO — Mayor Chris Corrie always knew the northern edge of town across Interstate 72 was ripe for development.

He just wasn't sure it would ever happen.

"A developer from Chicago had it, but it didn't go anywhere. I wondered if anything would ever happen there. It's such a wonderful doorstep to the community," Corrie said.

Lori DeYoung: For our veterans

Program offers care, compassion, treatment for veterans

When Herschel "Tony" Davis walked through the doors of Building 98 to receive treatment for his alcohol addiction, he was accompanied by his 16-year-old daughter, who had become his designated driver during one of his many episodes of care at the VA Illiana Health Care System in Danville.

Pharmacy inspections sporadic at best — and some pharmacists would welcome more

CHAMPAIGN — How many compounding pharmacies there are in Illinois is unknown. There are 3,316 licensed pharmacies in Illinois, and any of them could be compounding, according to the state Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

"Every pharmacy can be a compounding pharmacy," department spokeswoman Sue Hofer said.

For local druggists, customer service is a personal thing

CHAMPAIGN — There are creams, ointments, liquids and lollypops being prepared in the compounding lab at Tony Jones' pharmacy.

They're all medicines customized to individual patients, and those patients generally live locally.

Some compounding pharmacies fill needs Big Pharma passes over

CHAMPAIGN — Compounding pharmacists don't just customize drugs for individual patients with special needs.

As pharmaceutical companies have stopped making some products, compounding pharmacists have played an increasingly important role helping fill in drug gaps.

Diabetes group looks for more awareness

CHAMPAIGN — Diabetes has been gaining on America, but a local coalition hopes more education and early detection will help reduce the ill effects of this disease in Champaign County.

COPD event scheduled

URBANA — Two medical providers will be featured speakers at an event Tuesday evening called "Breath of Life" in connection with National COPD Awareness Month.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, or COPD, is one of the most common lung diseases.