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Plan to 'zero out' food, ag study funding

Stephen Long and his team of researchers at the University of Illinois are in the first year of a five-year study of a plant called Miscanthus, which could be the state's next big cash crop and provide a clean, renewable energy source when burned in power plants.

Miscanthus is already successfully grown in Europe for fuel. Long's team is testing how it would fare in Illinois' climate and how farmers here can get the most efficient yield on their investment in the crop.

Ag outlook for spring '04: It's anybody's guess

The thing about weather predictions is the farther out in time you forecast, the less accurate the forecasts, said WILL chief meteorologist Ed Kieser at the radio station's recent agriculture outlook meeting in Indiana.

But that doesn't stop farmers from speculating about spring planting conditions or meteorologists from making predictions.

Sex offender evaluation law no hit in courts

A new state law that requires convicted sex offenders to be evaluated for their propensity to reoffend before they are sentenced has a number of players in the criminal justice system worked up.

Judges are concerned with how much it may cost taxpayers, defense attorneys are worried about their clients' rights, and at least one area psychiatrist disagrees with the evaluation and treatment methodology.

UI-based TeraGrid largest computer net for research in world

Weather sweeps across the globe, while water molecules take a considerably shorter path through cell walls.

They may not appear to have much to do with each other, but they do have at least one thing in common.

A truly 'stormy' relationship

DANVILLE – When severe weather hits, most people move away from the storm. Richard and Marsha Copass head straight for it.

The Danville area couple are weather-spotters for the Danville-Vermilion County Emergency Management Agency.

New chips will rev up PC, chipmaker says

The next big leap in personal computing power, the switch to 64-bit chips – more or less doubling the information your computer can process at once – is months, rather than years, in the future.

That's the prognosis of AMD (short for Advanced Micro Devices) founder and Chairman W.J. "Jerry" Sanders, whose chipmaking company is poised to make inroads into the dominance of industry leader Intel with the changeover.

Teens get lesser charge

URBANA – Freddie McNeal's only sister said she's past being angry with the young men who caused her brother's death last summer.

"I get through this because I know who I serve," said Anita Rhodes, one of 10 children of Charles and Effie McNeal of Champaign.

Board of Trustees cancels meeting

The scheduled April 15 University of Illinois Board of Trustees meeting – at which the board's student trustee had said he would call for a vote on the retirement of Chief Illiniwek – has been canceled.

Thomas Hardy, executive director of university relations for the UI, said Board Chairman Lawrence C. Eppley talked to fellow trustees and the decision was made Friday afternoon.

Cottage getting a lift

BEMENT – No, Abraham Lincoln did not sleep here.

But the future president did set foot inside Bryant Cottage in 1858 to talk to his rival, Stephen Douglas, about scheduling a series of personal debates that would start a trend that continues today, said Marilyn Ayers, overseer of the tiny Bement historical site that's about to be lifted, literally, for major foundation renovations.

Provena facing tax bill of $1.1 million

URBANA – It's time to pay up.

That's what the Champaign County treasurer's office has told Provena Covenant Medical Center, notifying the Urbana hospital in a recent letter that it has until April 1 to pay a nearly $1.1 million property tax bill from last year.