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Savoy park funds not part of governor's proposed cuts

SAVOY– While Gov. Rod Blagojevich has proposed pulling the plug on $30 million of funding for the purchase of land for new parks, money for a new park in Savoy hasn't been affected.

Last week, the governor proposed a one-year "holiday" on the Illinois Department of Natural Resources' open lands program, which provides money to preserve open lands and pay for new parks and playgrounds.

Delta will start offering local service on May 14

CHAMPAIGN – Passengers traveling from Willard Airport will have a new alternative May 14. That's the date Delta Air Lines has chosen to launch Delta Connection service between Champaign-Urbana and Cincinnati.

Delta announced today it will offer three Delta Connection flights daily between Willard Airport in Savoy and Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport.

It's Your Business: Chinese restaurant locating next to Schnucks

The vacant restaurant space next to the Schnucks grocery on North Mattis Avenue in Champaign will soon house a new Chinese restaurant.

The restaurant, to be called Four Seasons House, is taking over the space vacated by the former Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Cafe. The new restaurant is set to open about April 1, said Dean Tsui, a spokesman for the owners.

'Passion' drawing interest

Elisabeth Boever has seen what all the fuss is about, and she said it is worth the hype.

She saw a special screening of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" in January during a national conference for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students.

Franklin player's shot nets national attention

CHAMPAIGN – Franklin Middle School's state championship team – and the shot that won the game – focused national media attention on the Champaign school.

Over the weekend, ESPN aired film of Verdell Jones III's 80-foot shot that nailed the basket as the final buzzer rang, winning the game at Stanford in the second overtime by one point. The sports network named it the No. 1 play of the day.

Declaration of Independence tour making UI stop

URBANA – Printed in 1776, lost for two centuries, found in a flea market, a rare first copy of the Declaration of Independence comes to town March 9.

Christy Salcido, the communications director of Declare Yourself, a nonpartisan group that seeks to encourage young voters, said the document, one of 200 printed on July 4, 1776, is one of only 25 to survive.

Strong finish to marathon study

David Sherwood has been a marathon runner outside the lab – it's about the only time you would have seen his name in the paper over the years; professionally he has kept a low profile – so why not in the lab as well?

The University of Illinois molecular and integrative physiology professor, who has spent 30 years studying a single hormone integral to the birth process, traces the start of the race to his boyhood on a farm in Wisconsin.

Senioritis: An academic epidemic

If someone wants to buy Lavette Clark's books next fall, they will be in excellent condition. That's because some of them haven't been opened, even though spring semester started a month ago.

"I am ready to get out of here," said the University of Illinois senior in finance. "I am burned out. I'm not motivated."

Accident kills UI student

CHAMPAIGN – The Champaign Police Department is investigating the death of a 20-year-old University of Illinois student who was killed Saturday morning after being struck by a vehicle.

Champaign and University of Illinois police found Nadia S. Chowdhury of Naperville lying in the roadway at the intersection of South Fourth and East John streets at 2:05 a.m. after responding to a call for a traffic accident.

Music for the heart

URBANA – Pastor Guy Storm has often witnessed the healing effects of music when he has ministered at the bedsides of his dying friends, and he has marveled at the way a simple song can lift a person's spirit.

Now, he's part of an innovative study intended to show whether certain pieces of music may actually improve the way a diseased heart deals with stress.