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Tolono group forms historical society

TOLONO – A group of Tolono area residents has formed an organization to preserve the community's history.

Former Tolono Mayor Bill Kirby used to get together with seven friends at his insurance office in downtown Tolono to share stories about Tolono's early days.

UI bike thefts drop

Jeff Kustusch did everything right. He bought a cheap bicycle at the annual University of Illinois police auction, locked it up everywhere he went and it still got stolen.

It happened in September 2002. Kustusch finished an afternoon chemistry class at Noyes Lab and rode back home, placed a metal chain and combination lock on the bike and wrapped it around a rack on the first floor of his apartment. When he woke up the next morning, the red and black Huffy was missing.

It's Your Business: Pilates Center to open in downtown Champaign

Instruction in Pilates, a body conditioning technique that has been growing in popularity, will soon be available in downtown Champaign.

The Pilates Center is set to open during the first week of October at 44 E. Main St., C.

Drainage project in Rantoul nearly done

RANTOUL– Now that Rantoul's new Maplewood storm water detention basin is near completion, the village plans to spend $2.8 million over the next five years on additional drainage projects, mostly in the east and central parts of town.

Three years ago, the village board established a new storm water tax to fund drainage projects around the community. The tax has generated $1.2 million, according to Assistant Public Works Director Pete Passarelli.

A fireman, father of many hats

Mike Dilley is a fireman, but he has also been a sheriff's deputy, a youth football and baseball coach, an auto body repairman and an antique bathtub restorer and currently has a business, on the side, as an

Advance placement classes prepare future collegians

MAHOMET – Robert Pennington took three advanced placement classes at Mahomet-Seymour High School, and he took four exams to earn college credit.

Pennington's a young man in an academic hurry. He started school this year as an honors student at Arizona State University with 39 college credits, which technically makes him a second-semester sophomore. But Pennington, 17, has a long educational road ahead of him, and he's grateful for the jump-start Mahomet's advanced placement – commonly called "AP" – program gave him.

Funding a 'stream of opportunities'

URBANA – Four companies are in line to become the first beneficiaries of the Illinois Technology Enterprise Corp. center in Champaign-Urbana.

The companies that have already received the money or will do so soon are:

Tough sell looms for new ice rinks

CHAMPAIGN – Dennis Timpanaro, a University of Illinois senior, is among the many students who use the UI Ice Arena.

On a recent morning, he was strapping on skates for a physical education class he's taking. He's a hockey fan – he's president of the Harassing Illini, the fan club for the UI Hockey Club – but his own skating needs work.

'Drinking is big issue' on campus

All Michael O'Connor remembers is that he blacked out. He was at a party with friends having a good time, and before he knew it, he had downed 10 alcoholic drinks. It was the first time the University of Illinois senior in computer engineering couldn't recall the previous night's events.

"It was kind of scary when I started remembering again," said O'Connor, 21. "The last thing I knew is that I was at a bar."

Roofing restoration

And you thought that roofing job you did at the house this summer was a beast.

Robert Ousterhout has been reroofing since 1997, and he's just now getting done.