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Champaign County panel to discuss fee hikes

URBANA – A raft of proposed fee increases for users of the Champaign County government would help generate nearly $740,000 annually for county government during fiscal year 2004.

But even that added income may not be enough to enable the Champaign County Board to award salary increases for county employees this coming year, county officials say.

Police officer pleads innocent to charges

HARRODSBURG, Ky. – A Champaign police officer pleaded innocent Tuesday to charges accusing him of planning to murder a woman and her family.

Kevin Paul Crum, 31, who listed an address in the 1900 block of Lynwood Drive, Champaign, was arraigned in district court on six counts of attempted murder and four counts of carrying deadly weapons. He is also charged with criminal trespassing and improper registration for possessing a stolen license plate.

Council rezones 74 acres

URBANA – The Urbana City Council has cleared the way – zoningwise – for a potential Wal-Mart Supercenter in east Urbana.

Will Wal-Mart soon follow?

Pool profits take dip

Champaign Park District General Manager Bobbie Herakovich said income at Sholem and Spalding swimming pools is down $40,000 from a year ago.

"Most of it was due to the early cool weather," Herakovich said. "If the weather doesn't stay warm during the evenings, it hurts pool usage, especially in the weekends.

Cellphones ring in new year

University of Illinois student Rachel Smith doesn't want to envision a world without cellphones. She's had her phone for two years and felt the need to bring her free long-distance minutes to campus.

"I knew it was going to be important because I can take it anywhere," said the freshman in general curriculum. "If I don't have my phone, it's kind of like I lost my world."

UI's percentage of minorities up again

The University of Illinois continues to dispel the myth that increased diversity equals reduced academic standards.

In a record enrollment of 6,822 freshmen this year, the UI rose in minority enrollment from 30.5 percent to 31.4 percent. That's 2,148 students, 203 more than in 2002. It marked the third consecutive year above 30 percent.

Renters do their homework

When sophomore Sahil Bhatia was searching for his first apartment, it wasn't simply location that topped his wish list. He targeted a nine-month lease because he has no plans to take summer classes in 2004.

"I didn't want to go through the hassle of subleasing," said Bhatia, who moved into his new four-bedroom apartment at Melrose Place this month. "It's much easier for students."

Woman's sculpture a tribute to farmers

ROSSVILLE ? Dana Thomas is thinking huge these days.

The owner of D2 of Rossville does specialty painting for businesses and private residences, applying faux finishes, painting murals and creating special effects. Whether it's a margarita door or a simulated tin ceiling, Thomas makes her clients environs something to talk about.

Salt Fork plan draws opposition

URBANA – The Upper Salt Fork Drainage District has filed plans to clear-cut the banks and remove sediment from several miles of the Salt Fork from St. Joseph to Rantoul, sparking another conflict with conservationists, who contend the project is unnecessary, costly and damaging to the wildlife habitat.

The district project seeks a $672,800 assessment that would be raised through taxes on landowners, 10 other drainage districts and the villages of Rantoul and St. Joseph.

Water, water, everywhere

DANVILLE – Rising waters forced officials to evacuate the homes off Hungry Hollow Road and place barricades in a number of locations. Flooding and the inability of storm sewers to handle the volume of water made some areas impassable.

The Danville Fire Department, at the request of the local Emergency Management Agency, notified the 30 to 40 residents of Morins Addition by going door-to-door beginning around 9:30 a.m. Monday.