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Library's history found in drawer

GEORGETOWN – Linda Davidson is always looking for more space in the Georgetown Public Library, but, recently, a little house cleaning and an attempt to get some additional filing space netted a precious find for the librarian.

"I was trying to open this bottom drawer in order to rearrange something and find more space," Davidson said of a cabinet toward the back of the library at 105 E. West St. "I had to use a hammer, gently, to get the drawer open, and when I did, it felt like something was caught in the back."

Suspect in arson arrested

URBANA – An 18-year-old Urbana man was arrested for breaking into one apartment and setting fire to another one in Urbana on Saturday.

Peter J. McCloud, 18, who listed an address in the 1200 block of East Michigan Avenue, was arrested for aggravated arson and criminal damage to property, according to one Urbana police report. He was also arrested for criminal trespass for breaking into a vacant apartment in the 1200 block of East Michigan Avenue, according to another report.

UI board will vote on tuition plan

URBANA – University of Illinois students will pay $212 more per semester in tuition at Urbana this fall – an 8 percent increase – under a proposed tuition plan.

The money from the proposed tuition increase would allow the UI to offer a salary program for faculty and staff and reduce the number of jobs and course sections that will be eliminated because of budget cuts.

Brick is no dummy

Don't talk about being dumb as a rock in front of this brick.

The "smart" brick developed by University of Illinois researchers can tell you its temperature and whether it's leaning or vibrating, among other things. In the future, it also may report on its humidity level, and on the chemicals it senses in its environment.

It's Your Business: Combination restaurant to open in late August

The former Hardee's restaurant building at 404 W. University Ave., U, will be converted to a new combination restaurant selling ice cream, doughnuts and sub sandwiches.

A building permit was issued recently to remodel the building as a new Baskin-Robbins/Dunkin Donuts/

'A new way of doing biology'

URBANA – For years, scientists have questioned whether our hereditary nature or our environment was more important in shaping our behavior. The answer: both.

University of Illinois entomology Professor Gene Robinson uses the honeybee to study how genes influence social behavior. A new research institute at UI will help Robinson better understand genomic activity.

Development rising 'to the next level'

   CHAMPAIGN ? When the Champaign County Economic Development Corp. was looking for a marketing tagline, it settled on one emphasizing location and innovation.

   "Location to the third degree, plus innovation to the nth degree" is what the economic development group adopted after input from a Chicago consulting firm.

Healing sick planes

   A technology designed by University of Illinois researchers to look at ventilation in pig barns may make for healthier airliners.

   UI agricultural engineering Professor Yuanhui Zhang this month will complete a two-year study of the air flow inside the passenger cabin of a Boeing 767, a life-sized section of which Zhang and his students have recreated in Zhang's lab at the UI.

Identity of man who fired shots not released

URBANA – Police on Saturday said they're not ready to release the identity of a man shot during a confrontation with officers Friday night on Urbana's east side.

The man suffered at least one gunshot wound, and was taken to Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana.

Public defender excited by work

URBANA – Growing up, Randy Rosenbaum didn't envision himself as a champion of the legal rights of criminal defendants. But he definitely was instilled with a sense of service at a young age.

In high school, he did volunteer work with refugees, and during all four years of college, he served as a hospice worker, tending to dying patients and their families.