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Longtime volunteer at local Catholic Worker House to step down

CHAMPAIGN - It was a typical call for the Catholic Worker House, a plea for help from a woman kicked out of her apartment by a son-in-law.

Bar fees cut ?slipped by´ county

URBANA - Eleven months ago, the Champaign County Board approved an updated liquor ordinance that is probably best remembered for avoiding a controversial exotic- dancing issue.

Silent films win over a new generation

CHAMPAIGN - Try this at home: Turn off the sound to your TV.

Leaving the family, uprooting none

CHAMPAIGN - For 80 years, there has always been an Abbott family member running Abbott's Florist in Champaign.

Meth labs springing up all over East Central Illinois

   URBANA ? William Nally warns that methamphetamine is going to be a problem for East Central Illinois.

Focusing on political ethics

SPRINGFIELD - Political ethics in Illinois may seem like an oxymoron.

Group takes UI to task

CHAMPAIGN - A statewide environmental group on Friday took the University of Illinois to task for failing to address the damage done to the Salt Fork River last summer as a result of a huge ammonia spill at the UI's Abbott Power Plant.

Miniature planes flying in Rantoul

RANTOUL - The skies over the Rantoul airport will regularly be abuzz with the sounds of dozens of airplanes.

History is repeating itself

CHAMPAIGN - Although one of the most volatile years in modern American history, 1968, is long gone, it is startling in some respects how little has changed.

Budget balance elusive

URBANA - Lawmakers and University of Illinois administrators talked Friday about how to strike a balance between making budget cuts and trimming administrative fat while maintaining educational programs and flexibility in operations.