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Timing of friendly gesture couldn´t have been better

CHAMPAIGN - Patty and Melissa Shaw decided on a whim one day last summer to pick up a catfish dinner for an elderly lady for whom they cleaned house.

Some small towns in area experience candidate shortage

PESOTUM - There's a great Little League baseball field and park, a state police headquarters, the Outer Banks restaurant and 521 people here.

Three apartments damaged in blaze

CHAMPAIGN - Kawona Williams was getting ready to start the day when she heard her smoke detector beeping this morning.

Michigan credited with being a leader on racial diversity

CHAMPAIGN - The Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday in two cases that could change the way universities seek to admit a racially diverse student body.

It's Your Business: Infant furniture and accessories store to open

Babyland, a new infant furniture and accessories store in Savoy, plans to open for business Tuesday.

The rise and fall of Argus

SAVOY - Three years ago, Argus Systems Group employed nearly 100 people worldwide. It had annual sales of $4.3 million and planned to triple that in a year.

More accord than debate in school race

CHAMPAIGN - In a school district comparatively flush with funds but beset with equity problems, there's been little disagreement among candidates for four school board seats about what needs to happen.

Seeing red: Governments confront falling incomes, rising costs, deficits

If misery loves company, misery ought to move to East Central Illinois. There's plenty to go around, if you're trying to keep the roads clear or knock down dilapidated houses or teach kids.

Supply lines from home

THOMASBORO - Baby wipes and flea collars are what the troops want right now.

Outback partner out helping

CHAMPAIGN - Go to many charity events around here, and it won't be very many contributions before you run into John, aka JP, Pickering.