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Dinosaur at Orpheum to make grand return

CHAMPAIGN - Undaunted by theft and vandalism, a Cretaceous-era hunter returns to his digs Saturday.

One of governor´s trustee selections not assured

SPRINGFIELD - Chicago attorney Robert Sperling's future as a University of Illinois trustee is far from assured, the head of the Senate executive appointments committee said Wednesday.

Weird actions spur police warning

URBANA - An Urbana woman was confronted Monday night by a man who first threatened to rape her, then said he was a cop trying to teach her to be more careful.

Governor´s bond plan wins Winkel´s approval

SPRINGFIELD - State Sen. Rick Winkel, R-Champaign, said his decision to vote for Gov. Rod Blagojevich's controversial pension bond proposal came after assurances that the University of Illinois would be able to maintain control over much of its finances and to escape at least some proposed budget cuts.

Citizen hero honored for help in catching robbers

URBANA - But for the bravery of a man who intervened in a crime, two men who robbed and shot a University of Illinois student last winter might have gotten away.

Another bomb threat disrupts courthouse

URBANA - For the second time in two weeks, the business of the Champaign County judicial system came to a grinding halt due to a threat of a bomb being in the courthouse.

Would-be killer sentenced to maximum 37 years

URBANA - Lavon Aker said she has lost sleep, jobs, her self-esteem and her ability to trust, all due to the actions of a man she once loved.

Convicted ex-dean faces new charge

URBANA - Brady Smith, a former school dean convicted of indecent solicitation of a child, faces new charges and a possible revocation of his probation.

Campus prepares for civil service layoffs

URBANA - University of Illinois officials expect to lay off employees in the coming months because of state budget cuts, and they've put in place a hiring freeze for civil service employees.

Early voter turnout slow at several area precincts

CHAMPAIGN - Voter turnout in today's election will be light, if several precincts in central Champaign and in rural areas of the county are any indication.