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Dirty bomb threat nil, prof says

When Sam Barton, a 15-year-old from Maryland, began looking at the difference between "dirty bombs" and traditional nuclear bombs for chemistry class, Julian Palmore caught his eye.

Champaign council race offers choice of 6

CHAMPAIGN - While the Champaign City Council race may not offer burning public controversies and expensive high-profile races, it does offer something important: a choice.

Employers go above, beyond law for reservists

CHAMPAIGN - When reservists are called to active military duty, the potential loss of their jobs in civilian life is one thing they don't have to worry about.

Building up community from within

CHAMPAIGN - James "Ervin" Allen is 69, blind and crippled. He lives in a little, three-room rented bungalow on Garwood Street. It's a simple house with simple furniture, a well-worn brown couch and a kitchen chair with a broken leg leveled by a brick.

Activists for both sides line Prospect

CHAMPAIGN - Peace activists and military supporters met Saturday without coming to blows, but they probably didn't change each others' minds, either.

5 running for 3 Rantoul board seats

Five candidates are running for three seats on the Rantoul Village Board.

Educators studying abroad

CHAMPAIGN - When Kyrgyzstan emerged from the Soviet yoke in 1991, the curriculum for teachers began to evolve in significant ways.

Pro America rally organizers expect large crowd

CHAMPAIGN - The organizer of a Pro America rally on North Prospect Avenue says today's crowd should be much larger than last week's.

Local police are alert for danger

Never have so many been so busy doing so much about which they can say so little.

Betting facility may be moving

DANVILLE - Owners of the Danville off-track betting parlor are in discussions to move the business from the Ramada Inn at Eastgate to Turtle Run Golf and Banquet Center after their lease runs out at the end of the year.