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Some schools in area still plan to go on trips

CHAMPAIGN - At Champaign Central High School, the jazz band is scheduled to visit and perform in Washington, D.C., on March 26-30, and students, parents and school officials plan to go, despite the war, terror alerts and the closing of sites, like the White House, that they had originally intended to visit.

Demonstrators flood UI campus

URBANA - As many as 1,000 peace demonstrators began an afternoon of signs, speeches and slogans Thursday, and about a third of them took to the streets, blocking Campustown traffic.

Bookmobile almost 4 decades old

CHAMPAIGN - Every Tuesday afternoon, Cindy Adamek and her two young daughters check out books from the Champaign library, but they don't have to go downtown.

Rain doesn´t halt protesters, message

CHAMPAIGN - Laura Ortman's afternoon was a march in the streets, and her evening was a walk in the park - a park whose skies threatened a storm.

Measure seeks state control over tuition funds

SPRINGFIELD - Gov. Rod Blagojevich's budget chief wants universities to hand control of their tuition money over to the state, saying there is not enough accountability in the current system.

Area residents worry about kin in military

MONTICELLO - Shawna Harvey couldn't take her eyes off the TV after the first alarm of war Wednesday night, just before the president briefly addressed the nation.

Ebert announces guests for festival

CHAMPAIGN - Hollywood song-and-dance man and Danville native Donald O'Connor and actress/dancer Cyd Charisse will visit Champaign next month as guests of the fifth annual Roger Ebert Overlooked Film Festival.

Winkel´s thoughts with son in military

SPRINGFIELD - State Sen. Rick Winkel, R-Champaign, was on the Senate floor voting on bills most of Wednesday, but is anxiously keeping tabs on the news of war, and how it might affect his son.

Measure would lock in students´ tuition for 4 years

SPRINGFIELD - Students starting at the state's public universities in fall 2004 and after would be assured that their tuition would remain the same for four years, under a bill the Illinois House approved Wednesday and sent to the Senate.

House votes to remove rule on scholarships

SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois House voted on Wednesday to remove a requirement that half of the eight tuition waivers state lawmakers may distribute each year be for students attending the University of Illinois.