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Rantoul-based program gets $500,000 for expansion

RANTOUL - A Rantoul-based award-winning program that brings together foster children and senior citizens has received a grant to expand into other communities.

Longtime studio owner selling to Esquire team

CHAMPAIGN - Bill Morrow says he isn't about to change, so the Esquire Lounge in downtown Champaign will change for him.

Weapons in school: Fewer cases reported

On Feb. 6, a 14-year-old male student was arrested by Urbana police and taken to the Champaign County Youth Detention Center for having a knife concealed in his jacket as he entered school at the Cunningham Children's Home.

Quick test for bacteria

CHAMPAIGN - It takes food-processing companies anywhere from one to seven days to get test results for salmonella contamination.

UI program marks 25 years of studying security

CHAMPAIGN - The United States was in the midst of the Cold War with the former Soviet Union when a nuclear engineer at the University of Illinois sought to increase understanding of national security issues.

Analyzing schools for what works

CHAMPAIGN - Larry Frase and his seven colleagues came to Champaign last week on a mission that's easy to describe but incredibly complex to execute.

Clark closing Danville stations

DANVILLE - When it was announced that the Clark stations at 2602 N. Vermilion St. and 1 N. Gilbert St. were closing, many wondered why larger stations were now gone and smaller ones remained.

Research park board not dead yet

SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Research Park Authority Board was not among the boards and commissions Gov. Rod Blagojevich eliminated or reduced through executive order this week, but that does not mean it is in the clear.

UI trustee appointments held up

SPRINGFIELD - Niranjan Shah, one of Gov. Rod Blagojevich's nominees for the University of Illinois Board of Trustees, was confirmed by the Senate on Friday, but votes on two others were delayed.

C-U checking bar safety

When more than a score of people were killed in a stampede in a bar in Chicago and nearly 100 killed in a Rhode Island nightclub fire, the safety of bars and clubs in Champaign-Urbana and Danville was an issue for both the owners of the clubs and city officials.