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Simon opts out

The lieutenant governor of Illinois is the Rodney Dangerfield — no respect — of state politics.

Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon's announcement that she will not seek another term in that office reinforces two common perceptions:

Obama charts path to future

State of the Union speeches are gala events in terms of theatrics, but mostly much ado about little.

President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech wasn't much to write home about. But, really, how many of them are?

Budget gimmicks are not healthy

Illinois' financial status is sickening — — and it could be a threat to your personal health.

The state's budget woes are hitting home in a variety of ways, one of which could come between patients and their doctors. In fact, it could result in some patients not having a doctor.

Coolidge, great president, knew he wasn't great man

WASHINGTON — Before Ronald Reagan traveled the 16 blocks to the White House after his first inaugural address, the White House curator had, at the new president's instruction, hung in the Cabinet room a portrait of Calvin Coolidge.

UI lab plan ought to be local effort

State Sen. Chapin Rose has sounded a justifiable alarm.

Sen. Chapin Rose, a Mahomet Republican who described himself as "apoplectic," has had time to calm down over the planned transfer of University of Illinois assets to open a manufacturing laboratory facility in Chicago.

North Korea testing Obama

On the eve of President Barack Obama's State of the Union address, North Korea sent him a pointed reminder with an underground test of a nuclear weapon that it intends to pose a significant national-security challenge.

Union targets Quinn — again

Tempers flare when there is not enough money to go around.

Leaders of organized labor held a political summit on the state's public pension problems Monday in Burr Ridge, and the attendance — or lack thereof — spoke volumes about just how tough a political issue this issue has become.

Crooked comptroller

Keep an eye on the cash.

Rita Crundwell will be sentenced this week.

The name may not ring a bell, but her crime surely will.

Higher wage means fewer jobs

Gov. Pat Quinn's call for a minimum-wage hike may be effective politics, but it's terrible policy.

Because politicians love to be loved, they love to hand out goodies.

That instinct is even stronger for elected officials seeking re-election. But since Illinois is broke, Gov. Pat Quinn has no goodies to hand out.

Voices: All human life should be treated equally

By Tim Sinclair

People are impacted by the unexpected. Humans are most likely to react (laugh, scream, cry, etc.) when something occurs that they didn't see coming. Just ask any comedian, film director or marketing executive. When the audience thinks they know what's coming — boom — they give them something else. Emotion ensues.