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Indictment no bar to committee post

Here is just one small reason Illinois is in such a sorry state.

When he appears in federal court in Chicago, state Rep. LaShawn Ford is called the defendant, the result of his indictment in late November for bank fraud.

Tom Kacich: Jackson doesn't take 'magic carpet' for granted

Mannie Jackson acknowledges that he has "great genetics," and by that he means the bright, strong and thoughtful grandfathers and father who gave him lifelong guidance.

Even at the age of 73, the former University of Illinois basketball great, business executive and philanthropist says he hears and heeds their advice.

State's state is obvious

How much longer will the Illinois Legislature ignore the state's most pressing problem — its bankrupt finances?

Gov. Pat Quinn will appear before the Illinois General Assembly on Wednesday to deliver the governor's annual State of the State address.

Gun safety in public housing

Public housing has a reputation as a place where firearms pose a problem.

Federal court decisions affirming the constitutional right of citizens to possess firearms continue to reverberate throughout Illinois.

Ethics issues confound ethicists

Ethics police nab one of their own.

Illinois has a problem with its public officials misbehaving. That's why it has a state ethics commission to keep people in line and punish them if they get out of line.

So what does it say about Illinois when members of its ethics panel are cited for violations of the rules they enforce?

Progressive tax flim-flam

Beware of legislators pushing tax hikes under the guise of saving you money.

Hang on to your wallets, because the politicians are coming after your money once again — all in the name of progress, of course.

Big shoes to fill

In tight financial times, college fundraising is more important than ever.

Parkland College has a huge hole to fill now that Carl Meyer, the executive director of school's foundation, has announced that he will soon be retiring.

Stunted growth

Predictions that the economy will pick up have not been matched by reality.

Everyone realizes the economy is limping along, but the federal government's report this week of negative growth in the fourth quarter of 2012 comes as decidedly bad news.

Same old, same old

There's no escaping the state's financial woes.

Bad news rolls off Illinois legislators like water from a duck's back.

But in case any of them cares, there's more bad news on Illinois' financial front. (Skeptics can be forgiven if they thought things could not get any worse.)

Immigration solution elusive

More than 20 years after the immigration problem was supposedly solved, it's as big or bigger than ever.

A bipartisan group of congressional Democrats and Republicans reached agreement on a comprehensive immigration reform package. The president, eager to address a vexing issue, signed on to the plan.

Problem solved? Hardly.