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A record gift

The University of Illinois has received a ground-breaking gift to finance ground-breaking research.

If a financial gift to a university can be characterized as potentially transformative, the $100 million donation to the UI's College of Engineering fits that description.

Madigan, Daley want Quinn out

Theatrics has been big part of our state's political landscape.

Politics always trumps policy in Illinois. That's one reason why this state is in such sad shape.

But it also is a good reason to watch our political masters maneuver for position. What they do in off years often is a prelude to political and policy debacles to come.

Court pulls plug on recess ploy

American presidents are powerful, but they are not all-powerful.

No one should have been surprised last week when a federal appeals court unanimously ruled that recess appointments made by President Obama when the U.S. Senate was not in recess are null and void.

Leadership makes all the difference

Illinois' neighbors are doing considerably better than Illinois.

Depressed about Illinois' status as a failed financial state? Looking for a reason to feel even worse?

Esther Cepeda: Audiobooks need authentic pronunciation

CHICAGO — From the moment I heard Rita Moreno's sweet voice trill the r's and hit the accented sounds just right in Jose Gautier Benitez's poem "To Puerto Rico (I Return)," I knew I'd made a wise choice in buying Justice Sonia Sotomayor's memoir, "My Beloved World," as an audiobook.

Obama's grand plans will backfire on giddy liberals

WASHINGTON — Happy days are not here again, but they are coming for conservatives. Barack Obama — with the lowest approval rating (according to Gallup, 50 percent, four points lower than that of the National Rifle Association) of any re-elected president when inaugurated since the Second World War — has a contradictory agenda certain to stimulate a conservative revival.

School board shouldn't ignore big picture

School districts squander public support when they make self-defeating decisions. Perhaps it's because school administrators and board members do not see themselves as public officials in the traditional sense that they can be so tone deaf.

Readers' thoughts on gun control

We asked our readers for their thoughts on gun control. Here's what they said:


Most of the president's remarks were typical feel-good suggestions addressing more the sense of urgency that we must DO SOMETHING than to offer any meaningful solution to violent evildoers. The ideas either haven't worked in the past or just made things worse.

Mystery remains on Benghazi

She came, she saw, she conquered. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's appearance before Congress shed little light on the deadly attack on a U.S. diplomatic facility in Libya.

Borrowing plan more of the same

The question many of our state elected officials are unfortunately wrestling with is this: How much money do we have to borrow to get out of debt?

It should be a nonstarter. But bad ideas in Springfield never go away.

High-profile legislative Democrats have resurrected a plan to borrow billions of dollars to pay down Illinois' roughly $9 billion backlog in unpaid bills.