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Voices: I'm sticking with the nerds


"Where are you calling from?" she asked.


"Oh, that place is a national treasure."

Guest commentary: The SEC and Illinois pension fraud


According to a March 13 Wall Street Journal editorial, "it's now official: The Land of Lincoln has the nation's most reckless and dishonest state government when it comes to pension liabilities." The WSJ concluded that the state's "accounting practices would get private market participants thrown in jail."

Tinkering with nomination process ignores a key issue

WASHINGTON — Because of the grotesquely swollen place the presidency now occupies in the nation's governance and consciousness, we are never not preoccupied with presidential campaigning. The Constitution's Framers would be appalled.

Discreet headsets are a gesture that translates

CHICAGO — Something bordering on the miraculous happened at my community high school the other night: The parents who speak only Spanish were included and respected in a meeting in a way that did not turn the whole thing into a big, fat mess.

Campaign funds easily abused

Bad things happen when foxes guard the hen house.

It's another week in Illinois with another crooked politician going down for the count.

Most people won't recognize the name. Cook County Commissioner William Beavers, a longtime city alderman and Chicago political power-broker, has no statewide reputation.

Court ruling clears the air

A court decision, if upheld, will provide legislators more flexibility on the pension issue.

The seemingly endless debate over Illinois' public pension woes is not just the product of legislators' reluctance to anger powerful constituencies, like labor unions and retirees, but also of a vexing legal question involving constitutional guarantees of pension rights.

Spending train keeps on running

The light at the end of Illinois' fiscal tunnel is an oncoming train.

When it rains, it pours. And when states like Illinois confront stormy weather because they can't establish budget priorities, they leak like sieves.

North Korea's threat prompts response

Missile defense, once derided as a dangerous dream, is now considered a military necessity.

The leaders of North Korea may come across as comic-book villains and their occasional threats thrown in the direction of their neighbors in South Korea and Japan and even the United States as empty bluster.

Chief Illiniwek still the man

The result of a recent student vote shows the memory of Chief Illiniwek is alive and well.

Chief Illiniwek — retired since 2007, vilified by some, revered by many — is still the big man on campus.