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Assessor's race back on

A recent appellate court decision is a victory for voter choice and a defeat for back-room ballot schemers.

Cunningham Township Assessor Dan Stebbins wanted to run for re-election unopposed in the upcoming April 9 election, so he pursued legal gamesmanship to knock his opponent off the ballot.

A contract is binding

Business was good at the Illinois Lottery, but not as good as promised.

A deal is a deal, even with the state.

That's the bottom line in a decision by state officials to impose a $20 million penalty on the private entity that is running the Illinois Lottery.

Another lowlight for Illinois

The words "securities fraud" are ugly. That's why in Illinois it's called business as usual.

There is so much wrong with Illinois' chronically underfunded public pension systems and so little enthusiasm by our elected officials for addressing the problem seriously that it's increasingly difficult to follow the news.

Health care uncertainty

Reports indicate that President Obama's health care overhaul may be difficult to apply for and expensive for some Americans.

A couple of developments last week illustrate the difficulty of implementing such a far-reaching and complex plan as President Obama's Affordable Care Act, which is supposed to expand coverage to nearly 30 million uninsured people.

A career for the record books

Champaign Central basketball coach Scott Davis is stepping aside, but he'll continue to pursue his passion — teaching.

The lead headline in last Tuesday's sports section read "Going Out a Winner," and indeed that applies to Champaign Central's Scott Davis.

Former Florida Gov. Bush contradicts himself in book

CHICAGO — After reading former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's book "Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution," it's very hard to imagine how any moderate, willing-to-compromise person could find much fault with this ode to the many benefits of earnest, hardworking, U.S.-loving immigrants.

Voices: Where is the support for our teachers?

By Betty R. Anderson

Same-sex marriage issue enters uncharted territory

WASHINGTON — When on March 26 the Supreme Court hears oral arguments about whether California's ban on same-sex marriages violates the constitutional right to "equal protection of the laws," these arguments will invoke the intersection of law and social science. The court should tread cautiously, if at all, on this dark and bloody ground.

Report on nursing home deaths raises questions

Champaign County should insist on timely and accurate reports from the company it pays to manage its nursing home.

At last Monday's meeting of the Champaign County Nursing Home board of directors, the manager of the nursing home reported that there was a spike in deaths at the nursing home over a three-month period.

Reports of baseball's demise are greatly exaggerated

By Gene Budig