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Pension crisis: Where do we go from here?

By Robert F. Rich and Thomas F. Conry

Illinois state pension systems are in crisis, yet there is no consensus on how to fix the problems nor action taken to do so for any solution to work.

Plan to tax 'loopholes' the wrong way to go

Corporate tax hikes are not the way to solve Illinois' budget problems. The state should instead be looking for ways to improve its business climate.

State GOP chairman poses dilemma for party leaders

An attempt by Republican central committee members to oust the party's chairman failed for lack of votes last weekend, but the issue may not be dead yet.

A chance to get 'fracking' right

A deal forged between environmental groups and energy producers would put in place the nation's strictest regulations on hydraulic fracturing if it gets through the Legislature.

Plenty of waste, fraud in Iraq

Inspector general's report outlines the Wild West of waste and fraud abounding in decade-long Iraq relief effort.

A report issued by a congressional watchdog last week concluded that much money has been misspent or wasted in efforts to rebuild infrastructure in Iraq — so much that it boggles the mind.

Mindless protectors panic over Pop-Tart terrorist

WASHINGTON — Rodney Francis is insufficiently ambitious. The pastor of the Washington Tabernacle Baptist Church in St. Louis has entered the fray over guns, violence and humanity's fallen nature with a plan for a "buyback" of children's toy guns. And toy swords and other make-believe weapons. There is, however, a loophole in the pastor's panacea.

Guest commentary: Motivating high schoolers to become future builders


In 2007, I met Tanya Parker, now the publisher of the local magazine, Unity in Action, at a demonstration in front of the Champaign County Courthouse in Urbana.We were both protesting what we felt was racial inequality in the criminal justice system.

College financial aid process is a family affair

CHICAGO — February was Freak Out Month, errr, I mean, FAFSA Month. But, hey, same thing. And March is hardly better.

Voices: Yearning for the good old days


Sunshine Week about the public's right to know

This week is dedicated to the importance of open government and freedom of information in our democratic society, principles that should be a year-round concern for all of us.

Open government is good government in our free and democratic society.