Jim Dey: 'Frame-up' defendants pay up to avoid trial

State and local law enforcement officials will never admit they framed two Paris men for a 1986 double murder of a young newly wed couple in Edgar County.

Actuary report not reassuring

As the federal government moves to implement the Affordable Care Act, cost and access concerns are coming to the fore.

As a general proposition, people brace themselves for an increase when it's time to renew their health insurance policies. Annual increases have become as routine as rain in April.

A real lifesaver

An Illinois state trooper was the right man in the right place.

The vast majority of law enforcement officers choose their line of work because they want to make a positive difference in people's lives.

Call them romantics, if you will.

Unfortunately, not everything they do involves helping people. But it's a role they yearn to play.

Franky loses by a nose

There are no bad dogs — only bad dog handlers.

High-tech intrusions — like a GPS planted by police on a car — on personal privacy have been interpreted by the courts as unlawful unless authorized by a court order.

Now the U.S. Supreme Court has found that police use of lower-tech intrusions — a drug-sniffing dog — without a court order also can be similarly unlawful.

Spineless Congress has led to an imperial presidency

"President Obama has arguably established the authority of the president to intervene militarily virtually anywhere without the consent or the approval of Congress, at his own discretion and for as long as he wishes."

— Jim Webb

Unit 4 fills empty spot

A good school finance manager is hard to find.

It took three separate searches before Champaign school administrators and board members settled on a new business manager to replace the late Gene Logas.

The question now is whether the school board got not just a good person, but the right person for the job.

Pols ducking tough votes

In the face of real problems, elected officials' top priority is looking out for No. 1.

Illinois' public pension woes are attracting center stage in Springfield as Gov. Pat Quinn and members of the Illinois House and Senate struggle to dig themselves out of a nearly $100 billion financial hole.

Medical-device tax up for repeal

It's so much easier for Congress to spend than it is for Congress to raise revenue necessary to support spending.

A vote last week in the U.S. Senate highlights the sometimes-foolish inconsistency of our federal legislators — their penchant for passing hugely expensive programs they are reluctant to pay for.

Full schedule for Ebertfest

The film festival coincides this year with the reopening of the Virginia Theatre.

It's always exciting when Ebertfest comes back to town, and this year (April 17-21) will be no different.

Golden State goes after gold

Imposing higher taxes from years gone by could be a new option for revenue-hungry government bureaucrats.

Even at the risk of giving Gov. Pat Quinn a bad idea, it's hard to resist the urge to comment on a recent tax squabble in California.