Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

Leader of Danville Y takes new job

DANVILLE — The chief executive officer at the Danville Family YMCA has accepted a position with Y-USA as resource director serving small to midsize YMCAs in central and southern Illinois.

Field Museum exhibit shedding light on a living world

Glowing can get you dates, hide you from a predator or snare you prey — depending on which species you hang out with.

Gearhead of the Week: Mike Hobson

Mike Hobson of Paris talks about the 1968 Camaro owned by his wife Miki.

So long, Beverly 18; new Carmike 13 won't open till summer

CHAMPAIGN — Moviegoers on the north side of Champaign will have to travel farther the next few months to get their fix of cinema.

The Beverly 18 multiplex at 910 Meijer Drive, C, closed in mid-February, and the theater complex replacing it isn't expected to open until summer, a spokesman for Carmike Cinemas said.

Playground construction help sought in Paxton

PAXTON — Volunteer help is being sought for the construction of a new playground at Coady Park.

A "community build" is set for April 20, and Recreation Director Neal McKenry said the park district needs as many community volunteers as possible to help build the playground that day.

The work will start at 8 a.m.

Central Illinois English Country Dancers

A gallery of images from the Central Illinois English Country Dancers event at the Phillips Recreation Center in Urbana on February 24, 2013.

Environmental Almanac: Check out the trees at Hessel Park event

"You don't know a tree til you know it naked." So says Sandy Mason, whose job title, horticulture educator with the University of Illinois Extension, does scant justice to her wide knowledge of and appreciation for the natural world — to say nothing of her sense of humor.

But how do you know one tree from another when they're naked, which is to say, without their leaves?

Paxton park board removing sledding hill

PAXTON — The next time Paxton gets a big snowfall, the hill at Coady Park will be off limits to sledders.

Plenty of chances to try Zumba in Champaign-Urbana

Tori Heeb has danced since she was 5 years old. She even majored in dance at the University of Illinois.

After graduating and moving to Chicago, she continued to dance, mostly modern and concert. Eventually, though, all the technique reduced the fun for her.

Enter Zumba, a fitness program that incorporates Latin dance and music and is designed to be like a dance party.

Gearhead of the Week: Darryl Cochran

Darryl Cochran of Paris talks about his favorite car, his 1950 Ford Custom coupe.