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Arcola man restoring beauty, history

Wilmer Otto might be coordinating the first-ever "facial transplant" of a historic facade onto a building he owns in Arcola, but don't be deceived.

For Otto, there's nothing superficial about the beauty of restoring the stamped-tin facade. It's a way for him to preserve the past and raise historical awareness – a major goal in his many restoration projects.

Tuscola man's son assumes National Guard post

SPRINGFIELD – The son of a Tuscola resident has assumed command of the Illinois National Guard.

Brig. Gen. William L. Enyart took over command of the Guard during a ceremony Saturday morning at the Orr Building at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield.

'Incognito' chimesmaster puts on show for campus at Altgeld

URBANA – On a warm September day, in a square, nonair-conditioned room halfway up Altgeld Hall's tower, 73-year-old Sue Wood hustled across wooden floorboards.

In front of the giant clavier, or keyboard, she pushed lever after lever while moving side to side.

Son's death set Urbana couple on education campaign

URBANA – A grade school teacher for many years, Gloria Wilhelm has continued her mission of educating, in a different way, for the past year.

Her message is clear and concise: "Drive now, talk later. It only takes a second to cause an eternal heartbreak."

Danville duo endure cancer together

DANVILLE – It's been a tough year for Danville residents Joe and Janet Burns. Both were diagnosed with cancer.

"I still can't believe it," said 49-year old Janet, wisps of hair escaping her pink baseball cap. "I'm still in shock."

Danville's only elevator operator: a job with ups and downs

The air in the Adams Building smells slightly musty as you walk through the double glass doors that face Vermilion Street.

It's cool inside and your footsteps echo quietly off of the pale marble walls and bounce up toward a high ceiling.

Previous employer had given Palazzolo good recommendation

CHAMPAIGN – Documents released by the former employer of fired C-U public health director Vito Palazzolo show board members were blocked from talking about his employment there – except in a letter that gives him a good recommendation.

The News-Gazette asked for the documents from the Ottawa County, Mich., health department under the Freedom of Information Act.

He speaks for farmers, but his own work speaks for itself

At the wheel of a Jeep towing a loaded people-mover last weekend, Dennis Riggs drove right beside vintage combines cutting corn at the Half Century of Progress show.

MTD bus drivers mourn regular passenger

"Assignment completed."

That's the translation of a message on a wreath of flowers left Friday at a bus stop at the intersection of State and Eureka streets in Champaign.

Start of school a success for new first-grade teacher

Angela Simpson surveys her room a little nervously.

Over the last week, she's made the Yankee Ridge Elementary School classroom her own, putting in late nights organizing chairs and tables, setting up her desk, arranging all the school supplies and pictures of monkeys on the wall just so.