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C-U resident's business trip becomes a 'personal sojourn'

When Imani Bazzell went to Africa recently, it was for work.

But the trip was also a spiritual journey for her as she walked the same path slaves once did.

2003 Nobel Laureate dies at Urbana home

URBANA – It was 1977, and Paul Lauterbur was taking images of green peppers with a new type of imaging technology.

He was puzzled.

One of the images showed a sort of "fuzziness" growing inside the pepper, recalled Mr. Lauterbur's wife, Joan Dawson.

That fuzziness turned out to be a tumor.

Today, 30 years later, doctors around the world are using the technology Mr. Lauterbur pioneered – magnetic resonance imaging – to detect diseases such as cancer in humans and animals.

Retired Urbana choral teacher to direct Gibson City show

GIBSON CITY – Music educator and director Willie T. Summerville of Urbana tried to urge a more dramatic sound from his group of singers Sunday.

"You're telling a story and you've got to keep the people interested," Summerville told them. "Give me that trillion-dollar sound again."

East Urbana resident strives to revitalize his neighborhood

Tyler Fitch said he and his wife, Marianne Downey, knew they had found the house they wanted the moment they first walked in.

Newlyweds at the time, the couple were on their way to look at another house three years ago when they saw a "For sale by owner" sign in the yard of a smaller, wood-frame house at 503 E. California Ave. in east Urbana.

Urbana man drowns in rescue try

MIRAMAR BEACH, Fla. – Scott Johnson and Mike Murphy were vacationing with their families on a Florida beach when they heard the calls for help.

The two Urbana men and their wives and children were on a beach on the Gulf coast along the Florida Panhandle, late on Thursday afternoon, when a woman and a girl began screaming for help from the water, said Scott McCartney of Urbana, the brother-in-law of both men.

Champaign veteran fighting disability battle with VA

CHAMPAIGN – According to Army doctors, Garrett Anderson has "shrapnel wounds, all over body."

But the Champaign man found out last week from the Department of Veterans Affairs that the wounds "aren't related to your military service."

Dental assess program founder leaves for job in Wisconsin

URBANA – Lisa Bell, an Urbana dental hygienist who founded a groundbreaking dental access program for needy children, has accepted a state job in Madison, Wis.

Her program, Central Illinois Dental Education and Services, will continue under new leadership, according to Claudia Lennhoff, a board member with the organization.

Charity track meet to honor toddler

DANVILLE – When Steve Luke heard that 2 1/2-year-old Reagan Williams was shaken to death last July, he wanted to do something to help.

After all, he knew the toddler's grandfather, Greg Williams, from when they were kids and from working together at Danville High School, where Williams taught English.

Trip to Taiwan shows culture full of kindness

Kaohsiung, TAIWAN – In Kaohsiung, the second-largest city on the island nation of Taiwan, the people seem to be as warm as the weather.

For five East Central Illinois locals spending March in southern Taiwan on a trip sponsored by the Rotary Foundation, depending on – and receiving – the kindness of people in the Kaohsiung area has become a way of life.

Volunteer steps down from screening job after 25 years

URBANA – Having administered lie-detector tests for 40 years, Clarence Romig is a fairly good judge of character.

That's part of what made the Urbana man so good at the volunteer activity that he's been forced to give up due to deteriorating eyesight.