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Bismarck-Henning students mourn classmate's death

BISMARCK – When Brittaney Allen walked into a room, you could not help but notice her, friends and teachers said Tuesday.

It wasn't only because the 16-year-old Henning girl was tall, attractive and loud at times.

Quintuplet released to her mother's care

ST. LOUIS – Her name means "saint," but right now, quintuplet Kieran Ferrill is a star, according to her doctor at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

"She's been doing a grand job," Dr. Jeff Dawson said on Monday afternoon at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Danville man has a passion for the pyramids

DANVILLE – By day, Chris Dunn runs the human resources department at Danville Metal Stamping.

By night, the British-born Danville man strives to solve mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids.

Urbana attorney loves poetry ... and the law

URBANA – You could call Carl Reisman a poet lawyerate. He's a poet who happens to put food on the table by practicing law. And he's a lawyer who likes to write poetry.

"I don't think you can say either comes first. You can't separate out identities that way. People are complicated," said the 45-year-old Urbana resident, who wrote poetry long before he earned his law degree.

Inventors Hall of Fame inductees have ties to UI

University of Illinois Nobel Prize winner Paul Lauterbur can add another honor to his list – membership in the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio.

Lauterbur, one of the key developers of magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, was among the inductees to be announced today by the inventors hall, which honors women and men responsible for technological advances that make human, social and economic progress possible.

He's the one that she wants

HOOPESTON – Since she was 12 years old, Shelly Snyder has been hopelessly devoted to John Travolta.

So when the actor asked her for a kiss during a taping of the "Oprah Show," Snyder went into a state of shock.

UI graduate's ad airs during Super Bowl

University of Illinois graduate Kristin Dehnert "went berserk" when her commercial for Doritos aired during the Super Bowl.

She and four other finalists watched the Super Bowl at a private party hosted by Doritos in Miami.

CERL tech glad to answer the call in Iraq

On her second stint in Iraq, Vickey McDonald, a grandmother who lives in rural Rankin, was on her way from Tikrit to Mosul when she and her companions drove into a mortar and rocket attack.

They ducked out of their armored sport utility vehicle and into the nearest Iraqi police station for refuge – only to find the station was the focus of the attack.

Volunteer a boon to C-U in may ways, including as translator

CHAMPAIGN – For the better part of the 30 years she's lived in Champaign, Lucia Scully has volunteered at her children's school, a local hospital, delivering meals to senior citizens, running a low-cost food distribution program, and as an election judge.

But the native Peruvian seems to have found her real calling working as a volunteer translator for Spanish-speaking clients of the Frances Nelson Health Center in Champaign.

Controller honored for aiding troubled pilot

SAVOY – On Sept. 14, a 67-year-old St. Louis man was flying home alone in his Piper Seneca III when the plane went into a nose dive at 2,800 feet per minute.

It took all of Willard Nickisch's strength to pull out of that 15-second descent, which had brought him down to 5,000 feet above central Illinois, just after noon.