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Life Remembered: Renee Schoonover involved in lives at Lincoln's Challenge

Renee Schoonover had a heart for getting involved in people's lives, especially young people, but didn't like being the center of attention.

When a reporter asked for photos of Mrs. Schoonover at her workplace, there were few to choose from.

That's the way she was, according to her boss, Peter Thomas, director of Lincoln's Challenge.

Fifth-graders' building project a benefit for dogs and the community

Two fifth-graders from South Side Elementary got the chance to turn hard work into an act of giving, and it's been a learning experience they won't soon forget. Termarion Howard and Dequan Newell worked with adult mentors to build two solid, well-insulated, large doghouses for local outdoor dogs that needed protection from East Central Illinois' extreme temperatures and wind.

Letter from Birdland: Getting up close and personal with cows

In Birdland, the calendar says spring is coming soon, and on a sunny day like today, 30 degrees can seem almost balmy.

But I'm writing from campus today because this weekend is the Engineering Open House and other open houses and tours. The University of Illinois is alive with kids — from grade school on up, walking in groups between exhibits.

Reluctant Townie: Oh, snap: Use the Hall and Oates defense

It's just another exciting Sunday in the Jackson homestead. I'm dancing to Pandora radio in the living room with my daughter while my wife and the dog pass judgment from the couch.

Hall and Oates are singing "Kiss on My List," and I'm paying it the proper due with a shoulder-twisting two-step and matching finger snaps.

UI department head already has big plans — and much centers on new works

URBANA — If you're a fan of new plays, you're in luck. So is Jeffrey Eric Jenkins, the new head of the University of Illinois Department of Theatre.

Jazz Professor Chip McNeill throws himself into his work

By Samantha Kiesel

Chip McNeill walks down the hall in his black sneakers as jazz music floods the basement of Smith Hall. He waves with his left hand to a couple of students and clutches a soprano saxophone in his right.

Getting Personal: Lila Jeanne 'Shorty' Eichelberger

Getting Personal appears in Sunday's News-Gazette. Here, a chat with Lila Jeanne "Shorty" Eichelberger, 85, of Champaign, a retired vocational educator, philanthropist, volunteer for the University of Illinois College of ACES, member of several local boards, financial supporter for many local groups, Meals on Wheels driver and passionate Illini fan.

Studio Visit: Margaret Duffy

Studio Visit appears in Sunday editions of The News-Gazette. Here, a visit with musician Margaret Duffy.

Bob Swisher: Glad to see McKinley Y is preserved

We were among a group of people invited over the holidays to tour the old McKinley Memorial YMCA building, 400 W. Church St., C.

The property is now owned by Leon Jeske, who is no stranger to restoration in the community.

Rost wins national award

CHAMPAIGN — A Champaign woman has won a national award from an organization that honors mothers.

Gail Rost has been named the National Mother of Achievement from American Mothers Inc.

She was also named Mother of Achievement for the state of Illinois late last year, by the same organization.