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Developer seeks annexation OK

CHAMPAIGN – An Indianapolis company is seeking city approval to build a 208-unit apartment complex at the southwest corner of Market Street and Olympian Drive.

The city council on Tuesday will consider an annexation agreement for the 34 acres where Herman & Kittle Properties Inc. intends to build. The council meets at 7 p.m. at the Champaign City Building, 102 N. Neil St.

Designs for Boneyard's second phase presented

CHAMPAIGN – City and park officials heard about a variety of possibilities Wednesday night for how they can provide flood protection in a parklike setting in central Champaign.

At a joint meeting of the Champaign City Council and the Champaign Park District board, officials heard about different design possibilities for the so-called Second Street Reach.

Landlords concerned over inspection proposal

RANTOUL – Rantoul landlords say they are concerned over the costs of a proposed rental housing inspection program.

The program, to be funded by fees paid by landlords, would require an annual registration of all rental properties, including mobile homes.

Boneyard work along Second Street to be discussed

CHAMPAIGN – The city council and the the park district board will hold an unusual joint meeting Wednesday to hear about possibilities for creating a park along Second Street that would provide significant flood protection.

Referred to as the "Second Street Reach," the project would be the second phase of the seven-phase Boneyard Creek detention project. It would allow the area along the Boneyard Creek, from Second Street to Wright Street, to withstand a 100-year storm. Currently, that area can withstand a 25-year storm.

Tax levy proposal draws critics

URBANA – Several residents who said they were fed up with ever-increasing property tax bills attended Monday night's meeting of the Urbana City Council.

The residents said they were there to register their disapproval with a proposal that would enable the city to increase its property tax levy, a request for tax dollars, by as much as 12 percent on taxes payable next summer.

Rantoul officials to consider policy on naming public facilities

RANTOUL – The process of getting a public building, facility, street or room named after an individual could soon become a little more difficult.

Until now, it took a simple vote by the Rantoul Village Board to name a building or facility after an individual in recognition of his or her contributions to the community.

Vastly higher property tax levy proposed in Urbana

URBANA – Urbana homeowners, get ready for higher property tax bills next summer.

The city's tentative property tax levy for taxes payable next summer is up 12 percent compared with the current levy.

But Urbana Mayor Laurel Prussing said the increase "is what the city needs."

"This is how we balance our budget," she said.

Ballot battle remains unresolved for Parnarauskis

SPRINGFIELD – The attorney for the State Board of Elections said Friday that Socialist Equality Party candidate Joe Parnarauskis was not on the ballot for the 52nd Senate District, a day after Parnarauskis held a press conference claiming that he was.

"The State Board of Elections did not certify Mr. Parnarauskis for a place on the ballot," State Board of Elections general counsel Steve Sandvoss said on Friday. "The objection is still pending until resolved by the State Officers Electoral Board, but as of right now, the certification, which was approved by a majority of members of the board, did not include Mr. Parnarauskis' name. So therefore at this point I would say that Mr. Parnarauskis is not on the ballot."

City extends enterprise zone

CHAMPAIGN – The Champaign City Council voted Tuesday to extend enterprise zone tax benefits worth nearly $10 million to the planned Clearview commercial development and to a proposed ethanol plant.

In a 6-3 vote, council members voted to expand the joint city-Champaign County enterprise zone's boundaries to include 112 acres immediately south of The Andersons' grain elevators in unincorporated northwest Champaign, where the proposed $140 million ethanol plant would go.

Cut student loan rates, senator says

URBANA – If Sara Hernandez hadn't received federal grants and student loans, she probably wouldn't be studying speech and hearing science at the University of Illinois.

"It's always a thing to worry about," she said about paying for college.

Because she's not from a wealthy family, she has to work while at school in order to pay for expenses other than tuition. Her apartment, for one thing.

"It sets you back. There are so many organizations I would have more time for if I didn't have to pay for everything," she said.