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Tom Kacich: Pension reform OK'd, but not by downstate officials

It was an interesting roll call in the Illinois House last week that culminated in the first big breakthrough on a pension reform bill.

State includes Champaign in incentive to buy vacant homes

CHAMPAIGN — With the number of vacant houses across the nation on the upswing, Illinois is expanding a program that gives buyers of vacant houses up to $10,000 toward their downpayment and closing costs.

Preview of Georgetown city election

GEORGETOWN — Twelve candidates are seeking six seats in the Georgetown municipal election — one council seat in each of the city's four wards, as well as the clerk and mayoral seats.

Thomasboro school board makes cuts

THOMASBORO — Cuts in sports and personnel are in the offing at Thomasboro Grade School.

The school board agreed to pare the number of sports offerings — in part due to low participation numbers — and several staff positions, partly due to questions over the availability of federal funds for the 2013-14 school year.

John Roska: It's legal for Americans to have dual citizenship

Q: Is dual citizenship legal? Can I become a citizen of another country without losing my U.S. citizenship? And don't people have to renounce their citizenship when they become U.S. citizens?

State seeks input on changes to special-education rules

For Larkin Armstrong, a Champaign first-grader who has special needs, spending time with her classmates without disabilities at school means they recognize her in the grocery store or around town as just another student who wants to learn.

Q&A with candidates for Urbana mayor


Laurel Prussing is seeking re-election as Urbana mayor. She is challenged by Rex Bradfield, who also ran against her in 2009. The two answered questions posed by The News-Gazette leading up to the April 9 election.

Cities differ in handling apartment inspections

URBANA — Marvin Drennan had two days to move out of his roach-infested apartment. The balcony on the outside of his complex was in danger of collapsing, the city said, and he had to go.

"If you gotta go, you gotta go," said Drennan, who is retired now.

Q&A with candidates for Champaign District 1

Will Kyles is vying for a second term as the District 1 representative for the Champaign City Council. His challenger, Gina Jackson, occupied that office for one term before him. The two answered questions posed by The News-Gazette leading up to the April 9 election.

Voters hear from Danville school incumbents, newcomers

DANVILLE — Voters got another chance to get to know the Danville school board candidates and their stance on a variety of issues at a second candidates' forum on Saturday.