Commodities trader off to Mozambique

MONTICELLO — A Monticello commodities trader left Saturday for two weeks in Mozambique.

While in the east African country, Jim Traub will work as a volunteer for CNFA to establish a small-scale soybean processing line there.

Traub doesn't know yet exactly what that will involve, but he believes soybeans can be used to improve the diets of people there.

Urbana students learn broadcasting skills

URBANA — The top of the press box at Urbana's athletic complex is far enough from the field that you can easily see all the action.

Several students in teacher Erin Ludwick's journalism class are stationed there regularly, carefully recording fall sporting events and learning how to produce a broadcast and stream video online.

Phone company takes steps on cell tower near hospital

DANVILLE - AT&T Wireless officials are now planning to tether a balloon to visually show Danville aldermen the location of a proposed cellular tower in relation to the Provena United Samaritan Medical Center's emergency helicopter landing pad.

And, AT&T officials have agreed to light the top of the tower.

Champaign council approves simulator for police training

CHAMPAIGN — Police Chief Anthony Cobb says use-of-force training should be cheaper and more efficient once the department gets its new simulator to which the city council gave its nod last night.

Danville to discuss cell tower near hospital again

DANVILLE — Aldermen will again be discussing the proposed construction of an AT&T Wireless cellular tower near Provena United Samaritans Medical Center's emergency helicopter landing pad.

Thousands sign up for online UI courses

URBANA — The first University of Illinois online course offered through Coursera, the California company that delivers free classes to students around the world, has attracted nearly 32,000 students in its first week.

Thousands more have enrolled for additional UI courses to be offered on the platform later this fall.

Electronics ban at courthouse starts Tuesday

URBANA — Champaign County Sheriff Dan Walsh wants to remind people visiting the courthouse in downtown Urbana that a ban on electronics starts Tuesday.

In mid-July, the Illinois Supreme Court approved a rule that instructs jurors not to engage in Internet research or outside electronic communication while a trial is going on.

UI scientists moving mussels from Pennsylvania to area rivers

URBANA — When you're a mussel and you absolutely positively have to get from the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania to a holding tank at the University of Illinois as soon as possible, call research scientists Kevin Cummings and Jeremy Tiemann with the Illinois Natural History Survey.

"We're like the mussel FedEx people," said Cummings.

Newcomers can sign up for lower electric rate

URBANA — Officials are reminding students who are returning to school but just now moving in to a new house or apartment that they might want to sign up for the cities' municipal electric aggregation programs.

New UI phone system is a step forward on the technology front

     Employees and graduate students on the University of Illinois campus are getting used to a new, cutting-edge phone system.

     It combines email, calendaring, traditional voice phone service, instant messageing, video conferencing and audio conferencing, all integrated in a computer system.