Video-conferencing firm Nuvixa changes name to Personify

CHAMPAIGN — Nuvixa, a start-up company at the University of Illinois, has changed its name to Personify.

The company, formed in 2009, provides technology that allows people making presentations to put live images of themselves into the content. The technology can be used in video calls and online meetings, such as Web conferences.

A Life Remembered: Microbiologist Woese was unconventional thinker

URBANA — Carl Woese thought about things a lot.

And when a question or problem drew his attention, he would ponder it not for weeks or months, but for years.

Champaign students delve into computer programming

CHAMPAIGN — One Friday in December, sixth-graders in Jessica Pitcher's science tech class at Jefferson Middle School waited, antsy, while she took attendance and made announcements.

By the time she said the word, most were heading to computer work stations to open software called EToys, which is actually an environment for computer programming.

Illini Farm Toy Show set to begin Friday in Urbana

URBANA — An annual farm toy show sponsored by young farmers in the area will be held next week.

Rich Warren: A look into the future of electronics

Behold the annual ritual powering up of the crystal ball, which now is flexible.

Thanks to Corning's new Willow Glass, future electronic products slim down while gaining flexibility.

No local creditors among largest claims against THQ

CHAMPAIGN — The Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings by video game studio Volition Inc. and its parent company, THQ Inc., show dozens of local creditors — but none among THQ's 40 largest unsecured claims.

Invenergy's new wind farm up, running and generating

The big turbines are now turning in Champaign and Vermilion counties.

After months of construction, Chicago-based Invenergy announced on Wednesday that the California Ridge Wind Farm is up and running. The project saw around 30 turbines placed in northeastern Champaign County and 104 more in Vermilion County.

UI has mostly settled in with new phone system

URBANA — A box full of desk phones lies unwanted inside the University of Illinois surplus property warehouse, the remnants of a bygone era in campus communications.

They're among the roughly 12,000 telephones removed when the campus switched to a voice-over-Internet phone service earlier this year, part of a new Unified Communications system.

Car wash owner sees payback from solar technology

TILTON — A Vermilion County business owner is adding solar technology to the Super Wash car washes in Tilton, Catlin and Georgetown.

Richard Nevels, the Super Wash franchisee for those locations, is adding a solar voltaic system to the Tilton car wash and installing solar voltaic and solar thermal systems to the Catlin and Georgetown locations.

Rich Warren: DVR recording issues have no simple fix

A few weeks ago, we attempted to help a family recover TV shows from a DVR after that family changed satellite providers. I made some general comments along with suggesting the person could remove the hard drive and install it in a standard PC. A reader with more experience than I have with this clarified: