DACC to vote on bonds for technology upgrades

DANVILLE — Danville Area Community College trustees on Tuesday will take the final step in issuing $1 million in general obligation community college bonds.

The money will be used to upgrade technology and purchase equipment to provide state-of-the-art capital resources in classrooms and offices across the classroom, purchases that have been put off due to lack of available funds.

Gigabit Squared gives C-U silent treatment

UC2B officials are still awaiting word on whether an investor named Gigabit Squared plans to pay for a massive build-out of the Big Broadband network from the grant-funded area to the rest of the community.

Officials say they plan on communicating with the more than 500 people in Champaign-Urbana and Savoy who committed $381,800 toward the effort to entice the company to build here.

Agencies consider nonprofit status for UC2B

CHAMPAIGN — High-tech companies adapt quickly to changing markets. Government agencies don't, especially when two city councils and a university board of trustees are trying to coordinate.

$5.7 million grant to UI to find ozone-resistant corn

CHAMPAIGN — On an ozone action day, when air quality levels are unhealthy, especially for people with conditions like asthma, even plants feel the stress.

Rich Warren: UHDTV video issues solved [dash] for a hefty price

Recently I mocked the new ultra-high-definition televisions, which deliver twice the resolution of existing HDTV, meaning UHDTV is comparable to movie theater quality. My barb concerned the lack of ultra-high-definition videos and movies for UHDTVs.

Rich Warren: Some simple answers to some technical questions

Sometimes your questions beg obvious answers rather than complex replies. I devoted a column to readers unable to clearly hear the dialog of British television shows. I suggested a modest home theater system.

CUB urges vigilance against cell bill 'cramming'

CHAMPAIGN — If your cellphone bill looks a bit higher than it should, take a closer look, consumer advocates advise.

The number of fraudulent fees third-party companies have charged to Illinois cellphone bills — a practice known as "cramming" — has nearly doubled in a year, according to Citizens Utility Board, a consumer advocate group based in Chicago.

UI books gift guide now works for smartphones

If you're the shopper who downloads coupons while standing in line or composes Christmas lists on your smart phone, here's another handy tool.

The next time you're book-shopping for that special teen or child in your life, you can download the free annual gift guide from the University of Illinois Center for Children's Books on your mobile phone.

I Hotel's roof goes green

CHAMPAIGN — The view out the upper-floor windows at Champaign's I Hotel got a little greener this fall.

About 3,000 square feet of the flat black roof over the adjacent University of Illinois Conference Center is now covered with a colorful mixture of hardy sedum plants, in shades of red, green and yellow.

Plant-covered BIF roof a hub for green research

CHAMPAIGN — A living laboratory atop the University of Illinois Business Instructional Facility is providing scientists with data on how green roofs can help communities better manage storm water.

A 1,200-foot-section of the roof on the fourth floor of the BIF, as it's popularly known, is covered with plants and serves as a field lab for engineering researchers.