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All Transportation Content

Vermilion County engineers tell drivers no need to worry

DANVILLE – Danville resident Roger Farris crosses a one-lane bridge on South Griffin Street every day to get to his favorite restaurant and convenience store.

"It seems fairly busy," he said of the traffic, which includes cars, school buses and occasionally tractor-trailers. As for his safety while crossing the short span, he said, "I'm not worried about it. It seems pretty solid."

Champaign County on top of bridge fixes

CHAMPAIGN – Champaign County is making headway in replacing or repairing its structurally deficient bridges, county and state highway officials say.

Of the four Champaign County bridges under state jurisdiction that had a score below 50 out of 100, three were or are being rehabilitated this year and a fourth is on the state's multiyear improvement program to be repaired within the next five or six years, according to Jerry Cearlock, an operations engineer with Illinois Department of Transportation District 5 office in Paris.

Car-pedestrian crash rate remains steady at one a week

There has been a vehicle-pedestrian accident in Champaign-Urbana about once a week this year, according to police records.

That number has been steady for several years.

Looking both ways at pedestrian safety

Christie Alekna and Bernadette Gil have seen signs, signals and chain fences on University of Illinois campus streets.

"They even put up little chains so people are walking in the crosswalks," said Alekna, a 19-year-old sophomore.

Confusion common at start of semester

CHAMPAIGN – The boy exchanged "I love yous" with his mother and struggled up the steps of the school bus with his Spider-Man backpack, on his way to his first day of kindergarten at Garden Hills Elementary School.

Bus monitor Edna Kennedy took his backpack for him. He sat across the aisle from her, and she asked him, "Do you know your bus number? One-zero-two."

Bus drivers deal with plenty in effort to keep kids safe

CHAMPAIGN – Bus driver Larry Walker was taking students to Westview Elementary School on a morning earlier this week. He was on Prospect Avenue, slowing down to turn left onto John Street, when a car pulled right out in front of him to make a left onto Prospect.

"Did you see that?" asked Edna Kennedy, the bus monitor in charge of keeping student behavior under control and helping children who need it.

Danville committee to study transportation issues

DANVILLE – Buses aren't for George Bell – a local resident who usually walks everywhere – but a local transportation committee will meet Sept. 10 to make sure that people like Bell and others have more choices in public transportation.

The Danville Area Transportation Study committee is hosting a meeting of community members and agencies – such as churches and nonprofit organizations – to begin to develop a plan that better coordinates the transportation these organizations provide.

Winter Avenue set to be closed in Danville

DANVILLE – Upcoming construction projects could reroute traffic soon in Danville.

City officials announced that Winter Avenue could close as early as Wednesday, from Winter Park's soccer and girls' softball fields to Bowman Avenue, for the next six weeks.

Hearing on Arthur road project yields support, some concerns

ARTHUR – The growth in Amish cottage industries of cabinet shops and farm markets is creating a need for new road construction in Bourbon Township.

This week the Douglas County Highway Engineering Office held an open forum for community members to express concerns about the upcoming completion of Springfield Road, a 4 1/2-mile stretch connecting Arthur and Arcola. Over the past 20 years serious improvements have been made to the Chesterville and Rockome sections of the road. This new construction "completes the puzzle to upgrade the roadway," Douglas County highway engineer Jim Crane says.

Champaign tells railroad of another instance of fallen concrete

CHAMPAIGN – Yet another piece of falling concrete from a railroad viaduct has Champaign officials on the line to the Canadian National Railroad again.

Public Works Director Dennis Schmidt said a motorist called the city Monday to report seeing a piece of concrete on the road under the Stadium Avenue viaduct just east of Neil Street. It had not hit any vehicles.