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All University of Illinois Content

UI duo's rocket may fly us to the moon

A new type of rocket propulsion system being developed by University of Illinois researchers generates thrust with a velocity fast enough to get you from here to Chicago in about five seconds.

Assuming a vehicle could actually move that fast (it can't), a state trooper didn't halt your progress along the way to write you a speeding ticket and you were traveling in an airless vacuum.

Director of business development takes private industry job

CHAMPAIGN – The guy who's been working to make the University of Illinois more attractive to big business has left to take a job in – where else? – big business.

Tony DeLio, the UI's director of business development, has joined National Starch & Chemical as general manager for its North American food division. The Bridgewater, N.J.-based company provides industrial starch to the food industry.

Latest twist on how Earth works

From the perspective of East Central Illinois, Earth looks like a seemingly endless expanse of dirt, and a pretty flat expanse at that.

Of course, most folks, if they think about it, know they're walking around on a big ball of soil, rock and other stuff. Miners and people visiting Mammoth Cave might think about what's underneath, but it's not something most of us spend a lot of thought on unless, for instance, a Mount St. Helens erupts.

The routines just got even more routine

In the world of cheerleading, sometimes flips flop.

That's why, just days before the NCAA basketball tournament launched its madness, the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators changed the rules on college cheerleaders everywhere. On March 6, the association recommended to the NCAA that it ban human pyramids more than two levels high, and basket tosses (a type of throw) without the use of a mat, from all NCAA events.

Editor to sue Daily Illini board over firing

CHAMPAIGN – A fired Daily Illini editor intends to sue the newspaper's board for defamation and unlawful dismissal.

Former editor in chief Acton H. Gorton was fired Tuesday night, more than a month after he and the opinions page editor, Chuck Prochaska, were suspended with pay for publishing Danish cartoons ridiculing the prophet Mohammed on Feb. 9.

Nanoparticle-studded capsules could have lots of purposes

Fatty molecules that make up the membrane surrounding, and compartments within, cells have been turned to a different purpose by University of Illinois researchers.

While structures created with lipid molecules aren't very stable normally, UI Professor Steve Granick's lab has found a way to "cover them with studs of nanoparticles that sort of armor them."

Students going for Alternative Spring Break

CHAMPAIGN – This weekend, two dozen University of Illinois students will be heading to the Gulf Coast. Their destination is not the beaches of South Padre Island or Florida, and they won't be spending their days drinking and soaking up the sun.

Instead, they'll be doing cleanup in the areas hit by hurricanes last fall. The trips are offered by Alternative Spring Break, an organization that coordinates service trips centered around various social justice issues.

Students shred in 20 steps

Sure, to shred a piece of paper you could just tear it into strips with your hands, and if you don't want to do that, any office supply store sells automatic paper shredders these days.

But where's the fun in that?

Hollywood veteran offers tips for success

URBANA – Fred Rubin knows how to talk the talk. And he knows how to write it too.

The former Hollywood producer and screenwriter spoke Wednesday night at Unit One/Allen Hall on the University of Illinois campus as part of the dormitory's Guest-in-Residence program.

UI prof says structure benefits NASCAR fans

CHAMPAIGN – NASCAR fans are well-served by the auto racing league's structure, says a University of Illinois law professor.

Professor Steve Ross, who specializes in antitrust and sports law, has written about the business structure of NASCAR with co-author Stefan Szymanski, a leading sports economist in Britain. The two have a book proposal currently being considered by academic presses.