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All University of Illinois Content

Restricted bar openings fail to keep revelers from early intoxication

CHAMPAIGN – For some, Unofficial St. Patrick's Day on the University of Illinois campus is one of the best parties of the year.

Throngs of green-clad students filled the streets on Friday morning, happily hopping from house party to bar and back. Some started the drinking before sunrise, and many ended it well after sunset. Classes became secondary, beer became green and Green Street became a hazardous place to drive.

Land-use planner spies unsafe areas for pedestrians

URBANA – During a short walk on the University of Illinois campus Friday morning, Suzan Pinsof, an Evanston transportation and land-use planner specializing in pedestrian and bicycle trails, noted several unsafe areas for pedestrians.

"There's no question it needs improvement," Pinsof said of the sidewalks and crosswalks.

Quantum bits help yield some computer ESP

If you don't ask somebody a question and they give you the answer to the question you were thinking about asking but didn't, you might mark it down to an odd coincidence, or to ESP.

If your computer is on and you don't run a Google search and you still get an answer, you might think a hacker has taken over the machine, or a cyber-savvy poltergeist.

UI home named an endangered historic site

SPRINGFIELD – The University of Illinois' Mumford House was named one of the 10 most endangered historic sites in Illinois on Wednesday.

The top 10 list is an annual project of the Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois, in an attempt to draw attention to sites that are in danger of being torn down or lost to deterioration and lack of maintenance.

UI business building will have solar panels

CHAMPAIGN – Solar power will supply some of the energy for a new College of Business building.

The building will be the UI's first "green" or sustainable building, meaning it is designed to be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Thanks to a $186,500 grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, the building will include solar panels on its auditorium roof.

Additional police officers will patrol campus area on Friday

CHAMPAIGN – Police will have extra patrols, and University of Illinois officials will be watching out for any problems this Friday during what has become known locally as "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day."

Champaign police Lt. Holly Nearing said there will be additional officers working that day, specifically assigned to work the campus area and adding staff for the morning and mid-day. They will look for and address problems, including binge drinking and underage drinking, she said.

Researchers developing precise search software

When University of Illinois Professor Anhai Doan went shopping for a house recently, he couldn't get what he wanted.

Oh, he found a house all right, by driving around neighborhoods and scoping out for-sale signs, among other low-tech means.

Judge: Ideals clash with survival in war

CHAMPAIGN – As an Army interrogator in the Vietnam War, Mike Jones was well-versed in the Geneva Convention. But he's not so sure his superiors really cared whether he followed it.

"The Army wanted information. They didn't want to know how I was getting it," Jones told an intimate group at the University of Illinois Law School on Friday morning.

UI President discusses demographics

CHAMPAIGN – More out-of-state students and more international students will strengthen the University of Illinois and help spread the word about its quality, said UI President B. Joseph White.

He spoke and answered questions at noon Tuesday at the University YMCA, for its Know Your University lecture series.

Educating C-U about Islam

URBANA – With cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad sparking violence overseas, members of the Central Illinois Mosque and Islamic Center Sunday invited community members to get to know them better.

"We decided to hold an open house soon after the publication of the Danish cartoons, the offensive misrepresentations of Muhammad," said Irfan Ahmad, outreach coordinator for the center. "We want to show people there are ways to address these issues peacefully and intellectually. The violence is being caused by less than 1 percent of Islam."