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Paper defends decision to run cartoons

The Daily Illini, the independent student-run newspaper that covers the University of Illinois Urbana campus, defends its decision to run the controversial caricatures that lampooned the Prophet Muhammad on its editorial pages Thursday.

"We felt this would be a perfect opportunity for us to have a free-speech debate about a clash of worlds we've had ever since 9/11," said Chuck Prochaska, opinions page editor for the Daily Illini.

White announces plans to hire CFO

URBANA – University of Illinois President B. Joseph White is creating a new position for a chief financial officer for the university.

In an e-mail sent to UI administrators Tuesday, White announced several organizational changes, including a search for a new vice president and CFO.

Talkin' 'bout my generation

CHAMPAIGN – Watching dancers strut their stuff onscreen, Tamika Jackson looked completely exhausted – and very proud.

The pride was because, on the afternoon of Jan. 31 in the University of Illinois Art and Design Building, the UI senior in communications was putting the finishing touches on the first episode of "Inside Out," a half-hour television program she dreamed up last semester.

Study: Physical fitness helps females flex their minds

Older women who are physically fit show less decline in their brain structure and their ability to perform mentally challenging tasks.

That's true even when the women use hormone replacement therapy to offset side effects of menopause, treatment that normally leads to a decline in brain mass and cognitive ability over time.

Affable White already a valuable leader in university, community

URBANA – On his first day as University of Illinois president, B. Joseph White strolled through the Illini Union, introducing himself to students and asking for their ideas.

"I'm all ears," he told them.

Sensors tiny enough to fit in cell

DNA molecules wrapped around tiny carbon nanotubes get a charge out of particles from toxic substances such as mercury, or rather the exposure causes the DNA's own charge to change.

In response, the DNA subtly rearranges itself, allowing more water to reach the surface of the nanotube, which causes it to glow, in essence, with near infrared light.

UI tech official urges people to update protections

Blackworm may sound like something that worries farmers with crops in the field, but the people really concerned about it are folks like Mike Corn.

Corn may have the last name for it, but he doesn't farm. He's the director of security services and information privacy at the University of Illinois Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services division.

UI submits second appeal to NCAA

INDIANAPOLIS – The University of Illinois has filed a second appeal of the NCAA policy on the use of American Indian imagery, effectively delaying any sanctions against the UI for its use of the Chief Illiniwek symbol for several months.

The appeal was sent to the NCAA Executive Committee late Monday.

Team of scientists painting better picture of universe

The twinkle, twinkle of little stars may be fine for stargazers scanning for the Big Dipper or Orion's Belt.

But some University of Illinois scientists are helping create a better picture of the universe using light, and other celestial emissions, that you can't see just by looking up.

Researchers find ties between activity and health, happiness

Physical activity not only tends to make senior citizens more fit, but also might improve their quality of life, and on a long-term basis, University of Illinois researchers are finding.

"Their overall satisfaction with their lives appears to be greater if they're more physically active," UI kinesiology professor Edward McAuley said recently.