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Molecule may unlock blood secret

A chainlike ancient molecule scientists believe is an evolutionary leftover from before advanced life took hold on Earth may be useful in new treatments for promoting blood clotting.

"It's very common in bacteria and other unicellular organisms," University of Illinois Professor Jim Morrissey said recently of the polyphosphate molecule.

His name will live on

URBANA – Kenneth Rinehart may have been a landlocked Midwesterner, but his research as a University of Illinois chemistry professor took him scuba diving off the coasts of Baja California and Spain, to the San Juan Islands, and to mangrove swamps in Puerto Rico.

Mr. Rinehart, who died June 13, 2005, after several years of battling Alzheimer's, was internationally known for his work with marine organisms containing compounds that might be helpful in fighting cancer. His wife, Marlyn Rinehart of Urbana, has donated money for a $2 million endowed chair in his name in the chemistry department, the second major endowed chair in the department.

IMPE taking timeout

CHAMPAIGN – Many University of Illinois students and employees will soon need to find a new place to work out.

The campus' main recreational facility, the Intramural Physical Education Building, or IMPE, will close at the end of the month for a two-year expansion and renovation. Jan. 29 is the last day the main part of the building, at 201 E. Peabody Drive, C, will be open. However, the east wing, with basketball courts, a strength and conditioning area and locker rooms, will remain open.

Acting dean of LAS gets job full time

URBANA – Sarah Mangelsdorf, who has been acting dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences since September 2004, is getting the job on a permanent basis.

She is the first woman to serve as dean of the largest college on the University of Illinois' Urbana campus. The UI Board of Trustees will vote on her appointment at its meeting Thursday in Chicago.

Foreign student issues get attention

URBANA – International students do much of the work in research labs at the University of Illinois, providing the basis for important scientific discoveries. After graduation, they supply brain power to U.S. universities and corporations.

But the ability of the UI and other universities to attract international students has been hampered by more stringent visa requirements after 9/11 and competition from universities in other countries. So discussions by federal officials – starting with President Bush – about efforts to bring more such students to the United States was welcome news to Chancellor Richard Herman.

Neighborhood packed with UI students' cars

URBANA – University of Illinois students who want to avoid parking fees are using the streets of a north Urbana neighborhood as a free parking lot.

But that could soon change.

UI appeal would slow sanctions

URBANA – If the University of Illinois files an appeal regarding its use of Chief Illiniwek with the NCAA's executive committee before Feb. 1, any sanctions due to its use of the symbol will be waived until late April.

The restrictions are to go into effect Feb. 1, along with an NCAA policy forbidding use of "hostile or abusive" American Indian imagery. The policy forbids schools using such imagery from hosting postseason competitions or displaying the nicknames, logos or imagery at the events.

UI, union will begin bargaining this month

URBANA – The University of Illinois and its visiting academic professionals will begin bargaining Jan. 24, although an appeal filed by the UI and an unfair labor charge filed by the union are pending.

This is the first time the UI will bargain with any of its academic professionals at the Urbana campus. The visiting academic professionals voted last April to form a union, which will represent about 370 employees. They hold the same types of jobs other academic professionals do, but differ in that they are hired in a different way.

UI's charitable fund drive sets record

URBANA – In a year when Americans were asked to help victims of natural disasters around the world and at home, University of Illinois employees raised a record amount of money for charity.

They gave $1.17 million through the fall semester Campus Charitable Fund Drive – just over its $1.1 million goal – to break the previous record of $1.15 million set in 2001.

Few things open as winter break shuts down campus

URBANA – Before she left Oregon to come to Illinois for the holidays, Linda Lee Drozt made sure she had a place to work out.

Drozt went to the Intramural Physical Education Building every day before she graduated from the University of Illinois last May, and because she wasn't sure what the conditions in Illinois would be for running outside, "I checked on the Web site before I left Oregon to make sure I'd have a place to go," she said.