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UI students creating program for kids whose parents have cancer

CHAMPAIGN – There were so many little things that Jill Pessis treasured about having a mom around when she was a child.

The lunches she packed every morning, the dinners she cooked every night, the rides she provided for everywhere Pessis needed to go.

Fans pack Virginia to pull for team

CHAMPAIGN – While the University of Illinois men's basketball team was winning big at the Braggin' Rights game versus the University of Missouri, more than 600 fans were cheering them on from an unlikely venue.

The Virginia Theatre in Champaign hosted a free viewing of the Braggin' Rights game. The event came complete with a two-stories-tall television screen, a video showing about 100 years of Illinois basketball and a question-and-answer session with famed former basketball coach Lou Henson and longtime commentator Jim Turpin.

Prof hopes tiny packages will have big impact in treating ill

Tiny packages carrying a chemotherapy drug and designed to attach themselves and deliver the treatment directly to tumor cells have shown promising results in mice implanted with human prostate cancer.

Jianjun Cheng, a University of Illinois professor who was part of the team that developed the technique, hopes to be able to use something like it to deliver gene-related therapies as well.

Provost pick described as energetic

URBANA – When Linda Katehi visited the University of Illinois campus during its provost search, what impressed engineering Professor Jim Coleman the most wasn't her performance during the formal discussions.

"The best part was the time we spent walking from one place to another, just having casual conversation," Coleman said. "Even in casual, informal circumstances, she'll still be passionate about things that are important to her. It was really appealing."

New provost selected

URBANA – The dean of the engineering school at Purdue University will be the next provost at the University of Illinois – and the first woman to hold the job.

Chancellor Richard Herman has recommended the board of trustees hire Linda Katehi as provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs. The provost is the chief academic and budget officer, and the second-highest leadership position, for the campus. The UI trustees must approve the hiring.

Journey to Red Planet may need green thumb

Space travel now, even going to the moon, is like a camping trip, says University of Illinois Professor Luis Rodriguez.

You pack up food, water, oxygen and everything else you need and take it along with you.

UI scientists' work honored as a top story

Discover magazine thought a full-blown article on their laser-emitting transistor was too complicated for its lay audience earlier this year, but Milton Feng, Nick Holonyak and the device have ended up in the magazine anyway.

The University of Illinois-developed transistor that puts out both electric current and light, which might one day be a key device in a sea change in communications and computing, is being recognized by Discover as one of the 100 Top Science Stories of 2005.

Contract talks with UI group to start

URBANA – The University of Illinois will begin meeting with visiting academic professionals in the next few weeks to agree on ground rules for collective bargaining sessions and to start negotiations.

Earlier this month, the Fourth District Appellate Court ruled the UI must begin bargaining, even though its appeal on whether the visiting academic professionals can form a union is still pending.

Ringing in the holiday

CHAMPAIGN – Haven't heard enough of your favorite Christmas carol yet? Need to hear "Jingle Bells" one more time?

You've got until Friday at midnight to call Dial-A-Carol and request what you want to hear.

Software: Mona Lisa was happy

University of Illinois Professor Thomas Huang has been working for years to get your computer to be more friendly.

Software developed by Huang and his students, coupled with cameras, is supposed to let user and machine interact in ways that are natural for humans, with voice and gestures instead of a keyboard and mouse.