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UI food, ag projects get federal funds

More federal money will flow into University of Illinois food and agricultural research projects next year.

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin stopped by the National Soybean Research Laboratory at the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences on Monday to announce $3.7 million in new funding through fiscal year 2006 appropriations.

Researchers find easier test for mercury

University of Illinois researchers have developed an easier test for toxic mercury in the environment, a problem found in fish caught in some Illinois lakes and streams, among other things.

More than a dozen waterways in the state, although none in East Central Illinois, are under a mercury advisory by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Professor studies link between age, illness

As if colds and the flu aren't bad enough, a breakdown in communications between our brains and our immune systems may serve to prolong our agony as we get older, University of Illinois research indicates.

UI Professor Rod Johnson thinks aged microglial cells, key immune cells in the brain, overreact to signals from our body's immune system in response to pathogens.

Break brings peace, quiet to UI campus

URBANA – The breaks during the University of Illinois semesters are Karima Lundquist's favorite times. She can have the librarians all to herself.

Lundquist, a Ph.D student in history, was looking at census data in the Reference Room on Tuesday morning. She said a librarian spent four hours Monday helping her find the data she needed.

State takes away part of license plate funds

SPRINGFIELD – Drivers sporting University of Illinois or other special collegiate license plates in Illinois were told that the extra fees for those plates would go toward scholarships, but some of the money is actually being used on other state expenses.

The Governor's Office of Management and Budget recently took about $40,830 of the funds raised by specialty license plates for public and private universities and put it into the General Revenue Fund. An equal amount was taken in July. By the end of June 2006, a total of $163,320 will have been transferred out of the collegiate license plate funds.

UI's provost search winding down

URBANA – Two finalists for provost have visited the Urbana campus, and Chancellor Richard Herman plans to make a recommendation to fill the job by January.

Associate Chancellor Kathleen Pecknold, who worked with the provost search committee, said Herman intends to make his recommendation in time for the UI Board of Trustees to vote on it at the Jan. 19 meeting.

Researchers believe proteins' repeated trips along DNA strands useful

Motor protein molecules that move along single strands of DNA may serve a cleaning function on the basic genetic material, like a snowplow clearing an East Central Illinois road in the winter.

University of Illinois researchers have found that when the proteins, called helicases, hit a barrier in their path, an indication of a problem with the DNA, they repeatedly jump back to the beginning of their route and make the trip over.

Georgian won't face wrecking ball

CHAMPAIGN – The University of Illinois has backed off its plan for acquiring and demolishing a historic apartment building, the Georgian, through eminent domain.

Supporters of the Georgian were taking down yellow protest banners from the building at 1005 S. Sixth St. this morning, said the building's lawyer, Champaign attorney Marc Miller.

Family of student killed by bus files suit

URBANA – The family of a University of Illinois student who died after being struck by a bus has sued the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District.

Jeffry Kroll, a partner of a Chicago-based personal injury law firm, Clifford Law Offices, filed suit in Champaign County Circuit Court on behalf of the family of Sarah Channick.

Visions for future shared

Candace Montgomery is a University of Illinois graduate student. She's not from Champaign County, but she wants to make the place her permanent home after graduation.

"I'm black, and I'm young, and I'm planning to stay around here," Montgomery said.