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NCAA's ruling surprises UI, booster

CHAMPAIGN – Illinois was surprised to learn it was charged with a major violation by the NCAA. So was the school booster the NCAA accused of helping former Illini tailback Marcus Mason.

The NCAA announced its findings Thursday, handing the school a year of probation with no sanctions. The probation does not affect other Illinois sports or cost the football team scholarships or bowl eligibility.

Provost addresses tuition, complaints

URBANA – Graduate student Rachel Shulman says the education of the students in the American history course she helps teach is suffering because of large classes and too few discussion sections.

"I sit with over 600 students who can't concentrate on the lecture because the room is too big and other classmates are checking their e-mail or reading the newspaper," said Shulman, a graduate student in history. "Large classes are not giving our students any favors ... no matter how brilliant our professors are."

Grant to help pay for three wind turbines

URBANA – The University of Illinois is getting $2 million to help pay for putting three wind turbines on the South Farms.

UI officials learned Monday they will receive a $2 million grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation for the project. They believe it will be the first of its kind for a university.

Work provides window into quantum world

Try to simulate interactions among more than a few of the atoms and other tiny particles that make up matter and the universe down on the quantum level, and you've quickly outrun the capabilities of even the most powerful supercomputer.

There's just too much stuff interacting in too many ways, some of them bizarre from our perspective, for a conventional computer to process these "many-bodied problems" in the lifetime of not just one researcher, but a whole lot of them.

UI asks prof to pay for postage meter use

URBANA – A University of Illinois professor used a UI postage meter to send letters to universities asking them not to schedule sports competitions with the UI or other schools using American Indian mascots.

Stephen Kaufman, a UI professor of cell and molecular biology and vocal opponent of Chief Illiniwek, sent the letters – on UI letterhead – earlier this month to presidents, chancellors and athletic directors at more than 300 NCAA Division I schools. The letters were also signed by 90 people, many of them faculty members at the UI and the University of North Dakota.

UI student dies as result of collision

A 21-year-old University of Illinois student died as a result of injuries from a two-vehicle collision on Interstate 57 near Buckley on Sunday evening, state police reported.

Jennifer Britton of Chicago was a junior majoring in political science.

Professors' projects aiming to pin down life's origin

As Nigel Goldenfeld and Carl Woese describe it, we have an understanding of the framework for the origins of life on Earth.

At first, pieces of the puzzle interacted with their environment in the primordial soup and with each other. They actively swapped materials, innovations and tools, testing different combinations until a "tipping point" was reached and new, optimized forms emerged, at which point the process jumped to a higher level.

Bill to restrict naming rights to be considered

SPRINGFIELD – The General Assembly will consider legislation that would restrict naming rights for state- and university-owned property during its veto session.

Such legislation would hurt the University of Illinois' ability to raise money through private donations, said a representative of the UI Foundation.

Trustees mostly mum on symbol

URBANA – Trustees of the University of Illinois say the future of Chief Illiniwek is their decision to make, but most aren't saying how they would vote on the issue.

They also aren't saying when – or if – such a vote might come.

'Big Brains' calendar to feature artistically enhanced scans of campus mental power

URBANA – Calendars featuring attractive young college women – or, more recently, naked old folks – are staples on the bookstore shelves.

The University of Illinois chose to advertise its other assets.