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All University of Illinois Content

Two buildings recommended as historic sites

The Illinois Historic Sites Advisory Council recently recommended that two Champaign buildings around the corner from one another be added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The Beta Alpha Chapter of the Alpha Phi sorority, 508 E. Armory Ave., and The Georgian apartment building, 1005 S. Sixth St., both in the heart of the University of Illinois campus, were on a list of Illinois sites the council selected.

UI, landowners in court to determine acreage value

URBANA – To hear the landowners' attorney tell it, the farmland south of Urbana is destined for development, worth easily $10,000 an acre.

The attorney for the University of Illinois, which is taking the land, contends that its best use is farming, so it's worth less than half of that.

Riding herd on goats

CHAMPAIGN – Leslie Cooperband, a Boston native who holds a Ph.D. in soil science, had a secret passion.

And it didn't have anything to do with soil.

Caution: Yackety drivers ahead

When University of Illinois researchers had people talk on a cellphone while doing computer tasks designed to simulate driving, they found that hands-free phones were just as distracting as the handheld version.

Now, they've repeated the experiment – and the results – in an actual car.

Center to make travel safer, cheaper

RANTOUL – State and University of Illinois officials say a new transportation research center will save lives and taxpayers' money by applying technology to build safer, more durable roads, bridges and other transportation facilities.

Sensor technology to monitor the condition of roads and bridges, and to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion and fuel consumption, is one of the things planned for development at the new Illinois Center for Transportation.

UI likely to appeal NCAA policy

URBANA – The University of Illinois will likely appeal a new NCAA policy curtailing postseason competition by schools using American Indian imagery, though no final decision has been made, a top UI official says.

The board of trustees will make that decision, in consultation with top school administrators, board Chairman Lawrence Eppley said Thursday.

UI board approves operating budget request for '07

URBANA – Ideally, the University of Illinois would like $84 million more from the state next year to meet what it describes as its most dire educational needs.

Realistically, UI officials know they'll have to find some of that money internally.

Speakers ask board to get rid of Chief

URBANA – The director of the American Indian studies program at the University of Illinois chided UI trustees today for failing to make progress toward retiring Chief Illiniwek.

Wanda Pillow, who first addressed the board a year ago, said board resolutions promised to consult with American Indians on the issue, but none of the trustees has contacted her program or the Native American House for input.

Displaced law students get warm welcome at UI

CHAMPAIGN – For Urbana native Amanda Wingfield, the choice of a law school came down to two cities: Denver or New Orleans.

She had family in Denver and enjoyed skiing. But she fell in love with the people and culture in New Orleans and enrolled at Loyola University College of Law two years ago.

Program to help college students continue studies

URBANA – When the SARS epidemic ravaged Hong Kong a few years ago, it prompted worries at the University of Illinois and other colleges.

How would a school continue to teach thousands of students if its campus had to be shut down or quarantined because of an outbreak?