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All University of Illinois Content

Union ready to strike against UI as 'last resort'

CHAMPAIGN — A campus labor union has told the University of Illinois of its intent to strike soon.

Wozniak case sent to UI trustees

URBANA — The dismissal case of a longtime engineering professor has been forwarded to University of Illinois trustees for a final decision, The News-Gazette has learned.

Symbol contest received 45 entries

A contest to find a new symbol for the University of Illinois' Urbana campus brought in 45 entries, which are featured on the sponsor's Facebook page.

The student group Campus Spirit Revival sponsored the contest along with the Illinois Student Senate.

The entries range from the serious and elaborately designed to the apparently tongue-in-cheek (i.e., "Rabid the Squirrel").

UI civic leadership program not accepting applicants

URBANA — The University of Illinois is no longer seeking applicants for its civic leadership program, despite protests from students to keep the program going.

Students get a chance to vote on Chief

URBANA — Six years after Chief Illiniwek's retirement, students continue to argue about the former University of Illinois symbol — and whether the campus needs a new one.

Hearing set in Springfield on college affordability

SPRINGFIELD — Local legislators Sen. Mike Frerichs and Rep. Naomi Jakobsson, D-Urbana, will convene a joint hearing on college affordability next week in Springfield.

The hearing is scheduled for 3 p.m. Wednesday in Room D-1 of the Stratton Office Building, just west of the Statehouse, in Springfield.

Joint Chiefs assistant to speak at fundraiser

CHAMPAIGN — A career military officer and special assistant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff will be keynote speaker at a fundraiser tonight (Saturday, Feb. 23)for the new Center for Wounded Veterans in Higher Education at the University of Illinois.

Students to vote on Assembly Hall fee

CHAMPAIGN — The University of Illinois is poised to award another contract for the $160 million Assembly Hall renovation even as students prepare to vote on a $50 annual fee that could raise millions for the project.

UI putting out word: Woods at South Race really off-limits

URBANA — The signs may say "no trespassing," but the half-open gates and well-worn trails through this wooded area indicate some people haven't heard.

The forest just west of Meadowbrook Park along South Race Street has been a favorite for runners, dog-walkers and bicyclists for years, officials say.

Thies: Law school debt 'unsustainable' over long term

CHAMPAIGN — Today's law school students, on average, face a debt load of about $100,000 for legal education, the president of the Illinois State Bar Association said.

That figure, John Thies said, doesn't include debt they may have incurred as a result of undergraduate education.