The Iron Lady

A grocer's daughter who was elected to three terms as prime minister of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher restored her country to an honored place on the world stage.

State's FOIA needs more bite

Willful evasions of the public's right to know how their government operates cannot be tolerated.

If all public officials in Illinois recognized their obligation to share information with taxpayers, the General Assembly wouldn't have needed to pass a Freedom of Information Act.

Winds of war?

North Korea has always been an accident waiting to happen, and now even more so.

Even by the standards of the Hermit Kingdom, the pro-war rhetoric coming out of North Korea is over the top.

A balancing act

Gov. Pat Quinn has again drawn the ire of a public employees' union.

Management and labor go together like love and marriage. But for too long in Illinois, state government has been almost all labor and very little management.

Over the weekend, Gov. Quinn signed legislation to restore that balance, and he ought to enforce it in an aggressive manner.

Vote on Tuesday

Following is a summary of News-Gazette endorsements among the contested races in Tuesday's election.

Mayor of Urbana — Laurel Prussing

Champaign City Council District 1 — Will Kyles

Champaign School Board —Scott MacAdam, John Williams III and Chuck Jackson

Urbana School Board District 3 — Regina Parnell

Crossing the line

College coaches have the liberty to be harsh and demanding, not the license to be cruel and abusive.

Bruce Kauffmann: Joseph Lister and his life-saving discovery

Joseph Lister, who was born last week (April 5) in 1827, was an amazing physician but a poor salesman. In 1867, this unknown British doctor, having read an article on microorganisms by the French chemist Louis Pasteur, concluded that the same microorganisms — we call them germs today — caused infections in wounds.

Voices: Constitution has continually inspired Americans