Big plans for Assembly Hall

Plans for replacement or renovation of the Assembly Hall have been discussed for years. Now they're on the verge of becoming a reality.

The longest journey begins with but one step, but that was a heck of a step University of Illinois Athletic Director Mike Thomas took last week when he released details of the proposed $160 million renovation of the Assembly Hall.

Sticking together as a community to get ahead

CHICAGO — Thank you, US2010 Project, for stating the so-often misunderstood obvious: "Hispanic" is not synonymous with "Mexican."

As a new season beckons, time to get your mind right

WASHINGTON — As the unendurable monotony of the offseason ends, celebrate baseball's return with mental calisthenics. Everyone knows it was former Atlanta Manager Dave Bristol who said, "Only trouble I ever had with chewing tobacco was that the orthodontist said my daughter was going to have to give it up because of her braces." But do you know:

Voices: God's masterpieces are all around us

By Dale Carroll-Coleman

Emanuel Ringelblum wrote a "Psychosis Of Fear" in relation to the Jew in Nazi Germany:

Medical marijuana law would serve as model for rest of nation

By Lou Lang and Bill Haine

Liftoff for Blue Waters

One of the world's fastest supercomputers is up and running on the UI campus.

Last week marked the official launch of the Blue Waters supercomputer, one of the world's fastest, on the University of Illinois campus.

Now onlookers can sit back and watch as scientists use the $300 million machine to conduct important research in a variety of different fields.

Pension reform reaches the 2-minute warning

By Jeffrey Brown and Avijit Ghosh

John Foreman: Small town faces a tough decision on its high school

Elections come and go. With rare aberrations, they involve a small percentage of the electorate reconsidering the same old rascals they've been complaining about for years and re-electing them.

On rare occasions, these voters choose new rascals. This, we term progress.

Guest commentary: Let's try other strategies in lieu of more jail cells

By Scott Humphrey

The Champaign County Board is considering whether to close the downtown jail and expand the satellite jail. A key question is whether Champaign County needs more jail cells.

Prussing for mayor

Urbana Mayor Laurel Prussing has earned another term in office.

Spring elections don't attract much attention, so many aren't aware that voters will decide some big issues on April 9.

Nowhere is the decision bigger than in Urbana, where voters will choose between two-term Democratic mayoral incumbent Laurel Prussing and her Republican challenger Rex Bradfield.