Voices: The dog days of winter


As times and facts change, the law also should change

WASHINGTON — Progressives are remarkably uninterested in progress. Social Security is 78 years old and myriad social improvements have added 17 years to life expectancy since 1935, yet progressives insist the program remain frozen, like a fly in amber.

Striking a deal with state workers

Illinois is buying labor peace with money it doesn't have.

After months of difficult negotiations, punctuated by occasional political attacks, leaders of a state workers union and Gov. Pat Quinn have reached agreement on a new three-year contract.

Guest commentary: Has the gay revolution been won? Time to redefine terms


Like the boulder rolling down the tunnel toward Indiana Jones, the momentum for equal rights for LGBT people has become an unstoppable force.

House gun debate wasted exercise

Gun control and gun violence are two separate issues.

The Illinois House of Representatives held a wide-open debate Tuesday over the issue of concealed-carry.

High cost of access

Government in America is the best money can buy.

Would you like to get together occasionally with President Obama, do a little schmoozing and perhaps lobby for that ambassadorial appointment you've always wanted?

It won't be cheap.

Backstage feud becomes public

Gov. Pat Quinn is engaged in political war with the president of Southern Illinois University.

Thursday was the day when Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn planned to restore a campaign donor to the post of chairman of the board of trustees at Southern Illinois University.

Mismanaging higher education

Gov. Pat Quinn, Illinois' self-styled political reformer, once again is acting like a ward heeler.

The news media reported earlier this week that Gov. Pat Quinn appointed three new members to the Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees.

Thanks for leaving

We've heard of exit interviews, but exit bonuses?

It's no secret that powerful financial entities in the private sector like to have friends in government.

But the lengths they will go to ensure a friendly voice at the other end of the phone are causing jaws to drop.