October 11 Fred Kroner Prep Sports Chat

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 - 12:30pm

Ask our prep sports coordinator Fred Kroner about fall sports teams

Fred Kroner (moderator) — 12:29 PM on Tue, 10/11/2011

Here we are again. Time to see the top high school questions of the week. Lets tackle the list. Thanks to all who are participating.

lyle egelston — 12:29 PM on Tue, 10/11/2011

Fred,do you think Urbana makes the playoffs with wins over Eisenhower and Mac Arthur?At 5 and 4 will they have enough points to get in and who might they play if they do make it?

Fred Kroner (moderator) — 12:34 PM on Tue, 10/11/2011

Hi Tom. That is the question of the day. Urbana is guaranteed of 40 playoff points should it finish with a 5-4 record. That part is do-able and is within their control. The rest is not up to them. Last year, the cutoff was 39 playoff points to qualify for the postseason. I have seen speculation that 40 could be this year’s total, which would make a bubble team out of schools with 40 playoff points. At this time, there are so many variables with two weeks of games remaining, it’s impossible to even try and make an educated guess. As for possible opponents, again it’s tough to make a prediction. Will the ISHA divide Class 5A into two 16-team quadrants or into eight four-team quadrants? Obviously, Urbana would be on the road, likely against a 9-0 or possibly an 8-1 team. Then the question is how the quadrants are divided (north, south or east, west). It could be a school like Normal U-High or Washington if it’s an east, west division or maybe a Centralia if it’s more north, south. Another possibility, if Mahomet-Seymour happens to stay in 5A and IF the Bulldogs win their final two games could be a matchup between the Champaign County schools. As we know, with the IHSA anything is possible.

Bulldog Bob — 12:34 PM on Tue, 10/11/2011

Mr Kroner
What happened to my Mahomet Bulldogs on Friday? Should i be worried? Thanks

Fred Kroner (moderator) — 12:39 PM on Tue, 10/11/2011

Hi Bulldog Bob. No reason for panic yet, though I think M-S might be an underdog this week at Normal U-High, which owns a victory over the team which just beat the Bulldogs (Bloomington Central Catholic) in Mahomet. If there’s a reason for concern, it would be that the team was unable to hold onto a second-half lead last week, but lets be honest. BCC wasn’t ranked in the top 10 in Class 4A, but should have been. I look for the Saints to move up this week. I think M-S’ No. 5 position in Class 5A was too lofty. It will be interesting to see which class the school winds up in. If the Bulldogs drop to 4A, I can see them doing plenty of damage in the postseason, even if they wind up 7-2 for the regular season. Thanks for the question.

lyle egelston — 12:39 PM on Tue, 10/11/2011

Fred,Cam Mammen from Urbana has app'x. 1,083 passing yards so far this year. Do you think he will Break his own School Record of 1,313 yards for the year? He needs around 250 more with 2 games left and possible Playoff Game.

Fred Kroner (moderator) — 12:44 PM on Tue, 10/11/2011

Hi Tom. Offhand, I would say no. Here’s why. Even though Mammen is a better overall player than in 2010, unless Urbana gets into the playoffs, I think last year’s record will stay intact. With Eisenhower upcoming, I doubt if there will be much need to pass without appearing to run up the score. I think the ground game will work just fine this week. The passing attack will be more needed in the finale against MacArthur, but unless he connects on a couple of 75-yard-plus plays these next two weeks, I think there will need to be a 10th game for the record to be broken. If the Tigers make the playoffs, then yes, I think the passing record will fall.

Fred Kroner (moderator) — 01:00 PM on Tue, 10/11/2011

That's a wrap for this week. We'll be back in another seven days for more prep-related questions.