Dec. 6 Voice of the Illini chat

Thursday, December 6, 2012 - 11:00am

How did the first John Groce radio show at a Champaign restaurant turn out? Can normal, everyday fans come and listen? Who's more fun to work with, Jerry Hester or Kurt Kittner? Anything goes during Brian Barnhart's weekly chat, which starts at 11 a.m. Thursday. Submit questions anytime.

Brian Barnhart (moderator) — 11:07 AM on Thu, 12/06/2012

Good Morning.  Busy day today with this chat now...and then over to emcee the Rebounders Meeting in Urbana shortly before noon.


Lets get started

Lanphier — 11:08 AM on Thu, 12/06/2012

Not so much a question ....But THANK YOU COACH GROCE and THE ILLINI PLAYERS....for breathing life back into us fans....Way To Go !!!!!

Brian Barnhart (moderator) — 11:11 AM on Thu, 12/06/2012 has been fun so far.  Some close wins.... and blowout wins.  The schedule will be a little tougher now with the trip to Gonzaga, the annual matchup with Mizzou in St.Louis...the game with Auburn in Chicago...and the trip to Purdue to start the Big Ten season in early January.  Should be very interesting to see where the Illini stand after all of that.


AJ's Dad — 11:11 AM on Thu, 12/06/2012

Hi Brian. What are your thoughts on the Big Ten expanding? Who do you think will be next to join? Thanks for all the chats.

Brian Barnhart (moderator) — 11:22 AM on Thu, 12/06/2012

Great to hear from you!

I dont know what to think now that Maryland and  Rutgers are coming. i was pretty confident that the Big Ten was not going to jump into all the "conference-jumping" games...but now I am not sure.  I have heard that Ga. Tech might be a good choice. They would be a great addition (good school...great Atlanta market...not adjacent to any of the current Big Ten schools obviously).

Conference leader Jim Delaney always struck me as very cautious when it comes to making sudden moves like this.  But the way the college football world is changing...he may not have a choice but to jump in and expand some more.

Right now..if you are like me....I might fail a quiz on which teams are in the Big East currently.  I am still getting over West Virginia being in the Big 12. 

Crazy stuff happening everywhere these days.

Chris N. — 11:23 AM on Thu, 12/06/2012

Why can't we get Podcast of Coach's radio show?  HQ is great about it, why haven't I seen one for the Coach?  Also, what are team flights like on long trips?  Is it quiet and laid back or is it a good time?

Brian Barnhart (moderator) — 11:28 AM on Thu, 12/06/2012


The radio show is the property of the University of Illinois and our new broadcast partner Learfield Sports.  They control the access to the  podcasts ..not the radio station, newspaper or IlliniHQ. 

The DIA has an all-access website that you can subscribe to that has the podcasts of the coaches shows and all the other university sports videos and audio clips.

Anything produced locally like Illini GameDay Pre and Post game shows.....Saturday Sportsline, Steve Kelly Sportstalk , Penny for Your Thoughts, etc are produced by WDWS/WHMS.... and that is why they are available on this website.

On road is usually pretty quiet.  The players have their headphones and listen to a lot of music.  Some are sleeping or reading. It is a rare chance for them to sit down and relax without attending class or going to practice or playing a game. 

After a big win...there is a lot of chatter...especially right after getting on the team plane or bus.

After a tough is pretty quiet.

Chief 1642 — 11:31 AM on Thu, 12/06/2012

First off I am very excited to see the Illini doing so well early as I have always thought the talent was there, but I think we are ranked a little high.  My question is, if we can beat Gonzaga this weekend the odds are we will move into the top 10 and do you think we are a top 10 team if we win?

Brian Barnhart (moderator) — 11:34 AM on Thu, 12/06/2012

Not sure where the team should be ranked...but from the viewpoint of most people who follow college basketball..... they have done very well.  They have won the prestigious Maui Invitational. They have a win in the Big Ten-ACC challenge. They are one of a small handful of teams that are 9-0 (Gonzaga is also one of those teams).  If they win Saturday night in the Kennel (where the Zags are 110-7 since they renovated the place)...they should and will be in the Top 10.

Anonymous User — 11:34 AM on Thu, 12/06/2012

Illinois...The state's university.  Why do we have such a BAD radio station in Chicagoland?  I live just south of Chicago I-57/I-80 area....and the station will not come in so I can listen to the games.  It has been that way for YEARS.  And yet....I can listen to Northwestern/DePaul/NIU no problem.

Brian Barnhart (moderator) — 11:40 AM on Thu, 12/06/2012

The WIND station was selected several years ago because they could carry all the games and the coaches shows.  As far as I know they still are doing that.  They have been a good partner for the U of I.

I have heard some fans say what you are saying...that hey cant hear WIND very far south o Chicago. .  I am not an expert on signal strength.  But I do know that in the city...the signal is very solid...especially east to west across the city.

Learfield Communications holds the rights to the Illni Sports Network now.  They are based in Jefferson City, Missouri.  I am sure they will be reviewing the network affiliates once this season is done.  


Brian Barnhart (moderator) — 11:41 AM on Thu, 12/06/2012

Have to run to Rebounders meeting!  Talk to you from Spokane on Saturday night.