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New Sunny twist stepper w

New Sunny twist stepper w/handlebar computer. $75. 217-442-6635.




Pursuant to Article 19A of the Illinois Election Code, Early Voting for the General Election for all Champaign County Precincts will be conducted at:

  • Office of the Champaign County Clerk, 1776 E. Washington Street, Urbana: Thursday, September 29 through Friday, October 28: weekdays 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM; Saturday, October 29: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM; Sunday, October 30: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM; Monday, October 31 through Friday, November 4: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM; Saturday, November 5 and Sunday, November 6: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM; Monday, November 7: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

In addition, Early Voting for the General Election will be conducted at the following locations, dates and times for voters validly registered in Champaign County. Any voter validly registered in Champaign County may vote at any early voting location during the early voting periods listed:

Monday, October 24 through Friday, November 4, on weekdays from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM; Saturday, November 5 from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM and Sunday, November 6, from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM, for all precincts in Champaign County:

  • Illini Union Federal Room (Basement), 1401 West Green Street in Urbana

  • The Church of the Living God, 312 East Bradley Avenue in Champaign

  • Leonhard Recreation Center, 2307 Sangamon Drive in Champaign

  • Meadowbrook Community Church, 1902 South Duncan Road in Champaign

  • Lake of the Woods Pavilion, Lake of the Woods Road in Mahomet

  • The Gathering Place (First United Methodist Church), 200 South Century Boulevard in Rantoul

  • Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 802 East Douglas Street in St. Joseph

  • Tolono Public Library, 111 East Main Street in Tolono

Monday, October 31 through Friday, November 4, on weekdays from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM; Saturday, November 5 from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM and Sunday, November 6, from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM, for all precincts in Champaign County:

  • Activities and Recreation Center Multi-Purpose Room 7 (ARC MP7), 201 Peabody Drive in Champaign

Grace Period registration and voting will be available at all early voting locations at the dates and times specified above.

Voters can find early voting locations, schedules and any late changes at


Any vote cast is final and may not be revoked, and the voter is not eligible to cast a vote on Election Day.

Gordy Hulten

Champaign County Clerk

1329932 9/29,6,20,27,3








An alleged disabled adult No. 16P192


Notice is given you, Kevin Billinger, Respondent that this cause has been commenced in this court of Dianna Newton asking for the guardianship of Chontate Chiquita Billinger.

Unless you file your answer or otherwise file your appearance in this case in the office of the Circuit Clerk, Champaign County Courthouse, Urbana, Illinois, on or before December 16, 2016, a judgment or decree by default may be taken against you.

Dated: October 20, 2016

Katie M. Blakeman

Circuit Clerk

Valerie McWilliams

Attorney for Petitioner

Land of Lincoln Legal Asstance Foundation Inc.

302 N. First St

Champaign, IL 61820



1332820 10/27,3,10

Notice is hereby given th

Notice is hereby given that First State Bank of Forrest, an Illinois Banking Corporation whose main office is located at 133 E. Krack Street; Forrest, Illinois 61741 has filed an application with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) to establish a Banking Center at 1004 S Purnell Drive; Mahomet, Illinois 61853. Any person wishing to comment on this application may file his or her comments in writing with the Regional Director of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) at the appropriate FDIC office. Comments should be sent to: M. Anthony Lowe, Regional Director, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, 300 S Riverside Plaza, Suite 1700, Chicago, Illinois 60606. Comments must be received by the FDIC on or before the close of business November 14,2016. The non-confidential portions of the application are on file at the appropriate FDIC office and are available for public inspection during regular business hours. Photocopies of the non-confidential portion of the application will be made available upon request.

Edward Palen


133 E Krack St

Forrest, IL 61741

NMLS # 716368

1332836 10/27

Notice of Proposed

Notice of Proposed

Property Tax Increase

for East Bend Township

Road and Bridge

I. A public hearing to approve a proposed property tax levy increase for East Bend Township Road and Bridge for 2016 will be held on November 8, 2016 at 6:45 p.m. at the East Bend Township Shed Boardroom.

Any person desiring to appear at the public hearing and present testimony to the taxing district may contact Stan Zehr, Supervisor, 3454 CR 625 E. Foosland IL 61845, 217-377-8363.

II. The corporate and special purpose property taxes extended or abated for 2015 were $76,116. 14.

The proposed corporate and special purpose property taxes to be levied for 2016 are $153,992.82.

III. The property taxes extended for debt service and public building commission leases for 2015 were $0.00.

The estimated property taxes to be levied for debt service and public building commission leases for 2016 are $0.00.

IV. The total property taxes extended or abated for 2015 were $76,116.14. The estimated total property taxes to be levied for 2016 are $153,992.82. This represents a 102.30% increase over the previous year.

1331104 Oct 27, 2016

Oak Dining Table

Oak Dining Table

Amish made oak dining table w/4 leaves, 6 chairs, 42"-82" long,


OCTOBER 30th SUNDAY, 10:00 A.M.

OCTOBER 30th SUNDAY, 10:00 A.M. GUN & COIN AUCTION. 120 guns; 600 duck & goose decoys; Knives; Outdoor & sporting; 300 lots U.S. gold & silver coins. 2 Auction Rings. 2601 Lakeland Blvd, Mattoon, IL. Gene McFarland, Seller. Bauer Auction LLC See complete sale bill & photos at


Older tanning bed

Older tanning bed, works and looks great, $100.






Architect: BLDD Architects, Inc.

17 East Taylor Street

Champaign, IL 61820

(844) 784-4440

Contractors are invited to submit an offer for Danville High School Window Replacement. Offers will be received at the District Office located at 516 North Jackson Street, Danville. IL before 2:00 p.m. local prevailing time on November 9th, 2016. Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud at that time.

The project consists of: Replacement of existing window systems on the 1924 original building.

A single stipulated sum bid will be received for all Work.

Contact BLDD Architects for a complete listing of location that have Bid Documents on file or visit Dean’s Superior Blueprint website at www.deansblueprint.com to view project bid documents online.

Copies of the Bid Documents may be obtained at Dean’s Superior Blueprint, 404 E. University Ave. Champaign, IL 61820, (217-359-3261), by depositing $50per set. "Central Illinois Builders' Non-Cash Security Method for Request of Documents" will be accepted on this project). Checks shall be made payable to Danville CCSD No. 118.

A Bid Bond and Performance and Payment Bond will be required.

The Owner reserves the right to accept or reject any or all offers, or to waive any informalities in the bidding.

Contractor shall not pay less than the prevailing rates of wages as determined by the Illinois Department of Labor to all laborers, workers and mechanics performing work under this contract, and shall comply with the requirements of the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act (820 ILCS 130/1-12).]

A Pre-Bid Conference will be held at the high school located at 202 E. Fairchild St., Danville, IL, at 3:30 p.m. on November 1st, 2016. Individuals should report to the main office. Persons interested in visiting the site shall other than the pre-bid meeting should contact Skip Truex at 217-444-1022.

1332828 10/27




For The Year Ended June 30, 2016

Community College District No.505 Counties Champaign, Coles, Dewitt, Douglas, Edgar, Ford, Iroquois, Livingston, McLean, Moultrie, Piatt, Vermilion

Total District Assessed Valuation $4,975,439,425

Total District Bonded Debt $60,705,000

Tax Revenues: Extensions Rates

Education Fund $12,936,143 $0.2600

Operations and Maintenance Fund $4,975,439 $0.1000

Bond and Interest Fund $4,099,762 $0.0824

Liability, Protection, Settlement Fund $3,089,748 $0.0621

Audit Fund $74,632 $0.0015

Operations and Maintenance Fund

( Restricted) $1,990,176 $0.0400

Totals: $27,165,899 $0.5460


For the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2016

Education Operations and Other Tax

Audited Revenue by Source Fund Maintenance Fund Funds

Local Government

Local Taxes $12,931,412 $4,973,619 $8,803,156

CPPRT 2,158,828 - -

Chargeback Revenue 261,877 - -

Total Local Government 15,352,117 4,973,619 8,803,156

State Government

ICCB Base Operating Grant 1,205,540 - -

ICCB Equalization Grant 50,000 - -

ICCB ICCB Performance Grant - - -

SBE Vocational Education - - -

Other State Sources 37,411 - -

Total State Government 1,292,951 - -

Federal Government

Dept. of Education/Other 48,799 - -

Total Federal Government 48,799 - -

Student Tuition and Fees

Tuition 25,006,895 - -

Fees 2,880,866 - -

Total Tuition and Fees 27,887,761 - -

Other Sources

Sales and Services 510,337 -

Facilities Revenue - 788,254 782,522

Investment Revenue 126,427 4,094

Other 663,860 - 3,437

Total Other Sources 1,300,624 792,348 785,959

Total Revenue $ 45,882,252 $5,765,967 $9,589,115

Audited Expenditures by Program

Instruction 27,430,663 - -

Academic Support 4,978,341 - 7,358

Student Services 5,002,026 - -

Public Services 837,915 - -

Operation and Maintenance of Plant - 5,541,155 4,697,736

Institutional Support 12,265,099 - 6,072,486

Total Expenditures $50,514,044 $5,541,155 $10,777,580

Transfers $(695,820) $- $-

Excess (Deficiency) of

Revenues over Expenditures $(5,327,612) $224,812 $(1,188,465)

Beginning Fund Balance

July 1, 2015 $10,054,705 $3,776,121 $10,399,765

Ending Fund Balance June

30, 2016 $4,727,093 $4,000,933 $9,211,300

Annual Enrollment

Headcount Full Time


Summer Semester 2015 4,512 1,530

Fall Semester 2015 7,709 4,817

Spring Semester 2016 7,369 4,538

Staff 1,750 600

Parkland College is a comprehensive two-year public community college serving an estimated 250,000 citizens of a 2,875 square mile area. This large area of East Central Illinois includes 55 communities, 25 high school districts, and parts of 12 counties. The College offers programs in vocational-technical, baccalaureate, general, and continuing education. In addition, it provides non-credit courses and other services designed to meet the needs of the total district. An open-door admission policy is maintained so that all applicants may take advantage of College programs.

1332681 10/27