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Building lots: 2 wooded lots for sale by owner on Sangamon river in White Heath area. 217-530-1917

Canadian Fishing Gear: Antique lures, 70 year old gaff, $ 70. 837-2088

Carter's 3-seat sofa, love seat & matching chair. Cream w/ blue detail. Good condition, $300

217-552- 5579

CLAYCO MODEL 6. 12 gage shotgun over under

SOLD 1st Day

Colt/Essex 1911 with three Mccormick mags, excellent condition.

$$$$ SOLD $$$$

COUNTRY LIVING: 4 miles from Mahomet. 3 BR, C/A, clean. Remodeled. No pets. Avail 9/ 30. $1150. 586-3025

Countrybrook Apartments

Will open their waiting list for

3 bedroom Apts. On Tuesday,

September 22, 2015 at 9:00am

Interested Applicants Should Apply At

2502 W. Springfield Ave.-Champaign, IL

Selection will be made on

1st come, 1st serve basis.

The waiting list will close on

Thursday, September 24, 2015

at 4:00pm

Property Managed by

Ludwig And Company

Cream & Leather Sofa, Chair, ottoman,

$$$$ SOLD $$$$

Credenza and Hutch and Computer Desk, new, asking $250. 489-3311


PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on the 30th day of June 2015, the Commissioners of the Drainage Districts indicated below, filed their Prevailing Wage Ordinance, adopting the June 2015 prevailing wage rates, as published by the State of Illinois with the Clerk of the Circuit Clerk, Sixth Judicial Circuit, Champaign County, Illinois.

Blackford Slough Drainage District 97-MC-28

Drainage District # 1 of Condit 97-MC-54

Conrad and Fisher Drainage District 97-MC-64

East Lake Fork Special Drainage District 97-MC-37

Embarras River Mutual Drainage District 97-MC-39

Fountain Head Drainage District 97-MC-13

Harwood and Kerr Drainage District 97-MC-31

Kerr and Compromise Drainage District 97-MC-11

Little Vermilion Special Drainage District 97-MC-17

Lower Big Slough Special Drainage District 97-MC-40

Newcomb Special Drainage District 97-MC-10

Owl Creek Drainage District 97-MC-2

Pesotum Slough Special Drainage District 97-MC-27

Prairie Creek Drainage District 97-MC-42

Union Drainage District No. 1 of Philo and Crittenden 97-MC-54

Sangamon and Drummer Drainage District 97-MC-9

Drainage District No. 1 of Sidney 97-MC-63

Union Drainage District No. 2 of Somer and Stanton 97-MC-46

Spoon River Drainage District 97-MC-3

Drainage District No. 4 of St. Joseph 97-MC-25

Drainage District No. 1 of Stanton 97-MC-53

Union Drainage District of Stanton & Ogden Townships 97-MC-7

Stanton Special Drainage District 97-MC-12

South Fork Drainage District 97-MC-29

Upper Embarras River Basin Drainage District 97-MC-58

Katie Blakeman, Clerk of the Circuit Court,

Sixth Judicial Circuit, Champaign County, Illinois.

1288675 9/2