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Craftmatic king size bed both sides adjust ****SOLD****

Dell Computer 64 bits

2 gig Window 7 with monitor, key board and mouse $125. 267-8018

Dimplex garage heater $60 Wooden Simplify Sign $15 217-586-4009.


PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Commissioners of the Drainage Districts listed below filed their 2013-2014 Annual Financial Reports, covering the last fiscal year for the Districts, with the Clerk of the Sixth Judicial Circuit, Champaign County, Illinois. Any owner of land within the Districts may file objections to said report with the Clerk of the Court within ten (10) days of the publication of this notice.

97-MC-28 Union Drainage District of the Towns of Blackford Slough

97-MC-54 Union Drainage District of the Towns of


97-MC-64 Conrad and Fisher Mutual Drainage District

97-MC-37 East Lake Fork Special Drainage District

97-MC-39 Embarras River Mutual Drainage District

97-MC-13 Fountain Head Drainage District

97-MC-11 Kerr and Compromise Mutual Drainage


97-MC-17 Little Vermilion Special Drainage District

97-MC-40 Lower Big Slough Special Drainage District

97-MC-10 Newcomb Special Drainage District

97-MC-2 Owl Creek Drainage District

97-MC-27 Pesotum Slough Special Drainage District

97-MC-34 Union Drainage District No. 1 of Philo and Crittenden

97-MC-2 Union Drainage District of the Towns of Prairie Creek

97-MC-9 Sangamon and Drummer Drainage District

97-MC-63 Drainage District No. 1 of Sidney

97-MC-46 Union Drainage District No. 2 of Somer and Stanton

97-MC-3 Spoon River Drainage District

97-MC-53 Drainage District No. 1 of Stanton

97-MC-7 Union Drainage District of Stanton and Ogden Townships

97-MC-12 Stanton Special Drainage District

97-MC-25 Drainage District No. 4 of St. Joseph

97-MC-58 Upper Embarras River Basin Drainage District

Katie M. Blakeman, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Sixth

Judicial Circuit, Champaign County, Illinois

1258691 12/24

Driveable battery powered JD Gater & tractor with trailer. like new. $300 for both. Call $$$$SOLD$$$$

East Florida Townhomes

Urbana. 3BR 1.5BA $750. or call 239-2646


Rent From $320. 367-6626

Everette Console Piano, Wonderful condition. Appraised at $1500, asking $1400. 469-7408

EXTRA STRAND Bamboo flooring from L.L. Darker variety. Pd $3.60+tx, sell for $3/sq.ft. 840-6153

FMHSE & SHED in town, handy tenant only, $800 Pets extra. 1 MO FREE. 352-2323