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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on the 6tht day of September, 2016, an election will be held within the boundaries of each of the following Drainage Districts, at the location set forth after the name of said District, from the hour of 2:00 P.M. to the hour of 4:00 P.M. (unless the Judges of Election hold the polls open longer) for the purpose of electing one Drainage Commissioner for a three year term for each said District.


1. Big Slough Special Drainage District, #41, 97-MC-24, Gordon Seed Farms, 1421A CR 2900 N, Rantoul, IL


2. Camp Creek Special Drainage District, #110, 97-MC-51, Glenn Miller Farm Shed, 307 CR 1900 N, Seymour, IL 61875

3. Drainage District No. 1 of the Town of Condit, #113, 97-MC-54, Condit Township Building

4. Conkey Branch Special Drainage District, #64, 97-MC-36, Ogden Masonic Lodge, 111 East St.,

Ogden, IL 61859

5. Drainage District No. 1 of the Town of Crittenden, #120, 97-MC-61,Watson’s Toolshed, 1700 CR 200 N, Villa Grove, IL 61956

6. Drainage District No. 1 of the Town of Scott, #106, 97-MC-71, Seymour Fire Department

7.Dillsburg Special Drainage District, #35, 97-MC-20, Premier Coop in Dillsburg, 3026 CR 2000 E, Rantoul, IL


8. Dry Fork Mutual Drainage District, #114, 97-MC-55, the Meta Miller Farm, 147 CR 300 E, Sadorus, IL 61872

9. East Lake Fork Special Drainage District, #67, 97-MC-37, Klein Farm Office, 333 CR 1100 N, Seymour, IL 61875

10. Embarras River Mutual Drainage District, #79, 97-MC-39, Ted Meharry Farm Shop, 686 CR 1300 E, Tolono, IL 61880

11. Embarras River Special Drainage District, #23, 97-MC-19, in the shed of John Lannon , 2087 CR 500 N, Sidney, IL 61877)

12. Flatville Special Drainage District, #57 1/2, 97-MC-70, Gary Busboom, 2073 CR 2600 N, Gifford, IL 61847

13. Hillsbury Slough Special Drainage District, #40, 97-MC-23, East Bend Township Building (Formerly Dewey Fire Station), 10 North Main Street, Paxton, IL 60957

14. Drainage District No. 1 of the Town of South Homer, #105, 97-MC-47, South Homer Township Office,

200 S. West, Homer, IL 61849

15. Union Drainage District No. 2 of the Towns of South Homer & Sidney, #108, 97-MC-49, So. Homer Township Building, 202 S. Main, Homer, IL 61849

16. Kaskaskia Special Drainage District, #49, 97-MC-26, David Berbaum's Farm, 533 CR 1200 N, Champaign, IL 61822

17. Little Vermilion Special Drainage District, #21, 97-MC-17, 607 CR 2500 E, Homer, IL 61849

18. Long Point Slough Special Drainage District, #39, 97-MC-22, Longview Fire House

19. Lotus Special Drainage District, #8, 97-MC-6, Galesville Elevator, Lotus, IL, 10 CR 3050 N, Foosland, IL 61845

20. Ludlow Special Drainage District, #98, 97-MC-44, Ludlow Fire Station

21. Newcomb Special Drainage District, #12, 97-MC-10, 180 CR 2400 N, Mahomet, IL 61853

22. Phinney Branch Mutual Drainage District, #109, 97 MC-50, Windsor Road Christian Church, 2501 West Windsor Road, Champaign, IL 61822

23.Union Drainage District No.7 of the Towns of St. Joseph & Ogden, #128, 97-MC-68, Bradley Marsh

Residence, 1703 CR 2350 East, St. Joseph, IL 61873

24. Union Drainage District by User #1 of the Township of Raymond and Murdock Township, #111, 97-MC-52,

Raymond Township Hall, Longview,IL 61852

25. Saline Branch Drainage District (Urbana Township Building), #19, 97-MC-15, 2312 E. Perkins Rd, Urbana, IL


26. Drainage District No. 1 of the Town of Sidney, #122, 97-MC-63, the residence of J. Kent Krukewitt located at 911 CR 2400 E, Homer, IL 61849

27. Union Drainage District No. 2 of the Towns of Somer & Stanton, #104, 97-MC-46, 1982 CR 2100 N, Urbana, IL 61802

28. Stanton Special Drainage District, #15, 97-MC-12, 1945 CR 2200 E, St. Joseph, IL 61873

29. Drainage District No. 1 of the Town of Stanton, #112, 97-MC-53, 1938 CR 1950 N, Urbana, IL 61802

30. Wildcat Special Drainage District, #63, 97-MC-35, East Bend Township Building (formerly Dewey Fire Station), 10 Main St., Dewey, IL 61840

31. Union Drainage District #1 of Ogden & Oakwood, #118, 97-MC-59, Bunge Elevator, 16974 N 200 E Rd, Fithian, IL 61844

32. Drainage District No. 2 in the Town of Sidney, #60, 97-MC-73, Charles Negangard Farm, 1883 CR 700 N, Sidney, IL 61877

33. Upper Salt Fork Drainage District, #53, 97-MC-30, Stanton Township Town Hall

34. Spoon River Drainage District, #5, 97-MC-3, Mitchell Osterbur Shop, 2235 CR 2300 E, St. Joseph, IL 61873

Every adult owner of land in each of said Districts, whether residing within the District or not, is entitled to vote in the election of said District. Dated this 13th day of August, 2016.

Katie M. Blakeman

Clerk of the Circuit Court

Sixth Judicial Circuit

Champaign County

1325458 8/17,24

Estate Sale of the late

Estate Sale of the late

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Free: walkers, canes, shower seat, crutches, arm crutches.


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